Tara McPherson has added a bunch of new prints to her online shop, four fine art giclee prints on German Etch Watercolor paper and two new poster prints as well. The first is “Weight of Water 2″, it’s 19.3″ x 26″, Edition of 100 for $250. Next is “Laughing Through the Chaos of It All”, 21.75″ x 26″, Edition of 100 for $250. The third print is “Hey We All Die Sometimes”, 26″ x 18″, Edition of 100 for $250. The last giclee print is “Fractal Valley” this print is 20″ x 20″, Edition of 100 for $200.

If you look in the poster section, here, you will also the new Flatstock 20 and “Torche” poster that was released.

Tara McPherson Store


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