Saw this great print set posted over at I had to share here. The set was originally going to be for NakatomiInc mailing list subscriber, but has now been released for pre-order for everyone. These screen-prints by Rhys Cooper, ”Animalus Wyldapsychosis”, “Monsterous Cookiebanditous”, and “Oscarvorus Grouchamaximus” are each 16″ x 20″, with no edition size determined yet. You can order the set of 3, or single prints as well. Full ordered sets will come with an exclusive mini-print set of Prof. Maury’s original field-sketched drawings, printed with metallic “charcoal” inks,a nd will only be given to those that pre-order the full set.

Read the full details, and pre-order prints here: Nakatomi Inc

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