Original and prints by Dan Harding

Dan is an artist out of New Jersey that I stumbled upon just a week or so ago. He has been in a bunch of publications and has some shows coming up. I’m really surprise that I hadn’t come up his work earlier. Either way, I am very happy I am now aware of his work.

He currently has a couple of original paintings for sale, as well as some prints. “Fullmoon” (shown) is one of the originals he has for sale. Werewolves have always been touchy with me, I’m a big “American Werewolf In London” freak, so I always judge according to that movie. And to me, this wolf completely rules. I love the way Dan paints hands in each of his works. This painting is oil on canvas board and is 12″ x 16″. The buy it now price is not to be missed either. He also has a good amount of prints for sale, including one from one of my favorites of his “Isolation”.

Dan will have a website in the next few weeks, do I’ll post that when it’s all finished. Until then, head on over and take a look at what he has to offer.
Dan Harding Originals and Prints

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