Original pastel works by Lisa Falzon

Lisa Falzon is an illustrator that works out of Cork, Ireland. She mainly works in the digital realm but often makes some traditional works as well. The great thing about her work, is that her traditional work and digital work are very close in style. It’s sometimes hard to tell what is digital and what isn’t.

She has some pastel works for sale right now, five of them from what it looks like. Each piece is pastels on cardboard. They are very affordable, especially for the size of some of them. One of the things I really like about her work is the colors that you can find mainly in the skin tones of her figures. Similar to Dean Mcdowell, Lisa uses a variety of colors to describe the skin of each of her figures. It looks amazing and really adds depth, and something unique to each work. Check out the link if you want to grab one of her original works, or head on over to her homepage to see the work she has made so far.

Lisa Falzon Pastels works for sale
Lisa Falzon Homepage

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