Shawn Barber prints, on the cheap.

While it’s nice to have a high quality, signed giclee print of Shawn Barbers work, they sell out very quickly. Some of the prints are also only available at shows. So if you have no worries about having a non-collectible, affordable, poster print of his work, there are some available now.

At first I thought this place was selling these poster prints without permission, but I have learned otherwise. These prints are not on nice giclee paper, but rather poster paper. These are cheap, and mainly just a cheap way to score some killer art. So pick one of these bad boys up, and enjoy not having to worry about how well to treat these prints. It will also be quite cheap to frame them. There is quite a few various prints of Shawns work right now, and more on the way.

Shawn Barber Poster Prints

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