“Venture Bros. Season 3” print by Bill Sienkiewicz

This is just a fun print that I thought I would share. The Adult Swim shop has some pretty cool art prints for sale, but pretty much every time I make it over there the prints are sold out (like the Dethklok print I missed out on). So here is a new one that is still available. It’s a print for 3d Season of the Venture Bros. with the artwork done by Eisner Award Winning artist Bill Sienkiewicz. You can see that the print does a good job of looking like the box art for old video games as well. The print is 12″ x 13″ on uncoated 100# stock for $24. It doesn’t say that the print is limited, but you never know. And yes, it’s orange. A very bright orange. Not sure how long I could handle that.

Venture Bros print @


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