The mysterious artist known as Scarecrowoven was first featured on on the zombie site, I have put on hiatus, but now I wanted to share his amazing work here on the Creep Machine. I was able to send Scarecrowoven a handful of questions to get a better idea about his inspirations, goals, and more.

Creep: How did you get started in art, any formal training such as art school, workshops, or groups?

SO: Well, I graduated from the school of visual arts in New York with a degree in graphic design, I eventually became an art director at a major record label, but just graduating was such a long road. I dropped out of three different schools for multiple reasons, however I was never enrolled at any school for illustration or fine art, which I always sorta shake my head at, but understand at the same time. I think I had big fears that if I did what I love as career I would no longer love it. So, as I was working at movie theatres, touring in bands, or designing cd covers, I was painting, but for nothing else other than myself. I think ultimately I was battling a lot of fear that inhibited me from sincerely perusing the kind of art career that I genuinely wanted. I’ve been involved in a couple of art collectives but bowed out of them all. They can be a weird thing, and I think what I’ve learned from them is patience and how it can be difficult to depend on others when perspectives and expectations are different. That may sound a bit negative but really I had a blast being involved in them and retain complete positivity from them all.

Creep: What are the main influences for your work? Music, movies, artists and so on?

SO: I guess my major issues with graphic design was how emotionally empty it was. Its great for making money but it doesn’t make you feel anything other than wanting to buy something. I’m so heavily influenced by all of the above because of how they all made me feel. And I think ultimately my goal is to make others feel in the same way that all the other “artists” in my life had made me feel. I think the best part about movies is how it incorporates art direction, writing, music, style, photography, you name it, it’s in a movie and that’s maybe why I think it’s the biggest influence of all artistically. Aside from movies I think John K. is one of the most talented artists to walk the earth. I love comic books, sci-fi and horror movies and all the illustration that came out of the skateboard world in the 80’s

Creep: If you couldn’t be creating art, what else would you be doing?

SO: Geez, there are so many things but I guess in comes down to the second half of what im influenced by. If one half is all the before mentioned pop culture references like music and movies the other half is the understanding of nature, animal rights, ancient civilizations and cultures. I think that’s what I love about the idea of extra terrestrial biological entities, Bigfoot and the paranormal is that you can look at them all in a deeply respectful and spiritual way as easily as you can laugh at it. So I guess when I pull it all together id pack it all up and head for the northwestern mountains and search for Bigfoot till the day I die.

Creep: Who are some of the contemporary artists that continue to inspire you?

SO: Skinner has been massively supportive of me, in addition to being an amazing artist he’s a really nice guy and I think we share a lot of the same sensibilities. So I look up to him a lot. I think buff monster is great, Paul chatem does stuff that makes me want to cry like a starving kitten, martin ontiveros blows my mind, and florian bertmer does an amazing job of making things genuinely dark and cold, my friend A.K. Danger has such a natural talent for being able to create a masterpiece in a single day that I’m really envious of since it seems to take sooooo long to do what I do, and I have to throw john K. in there again whether he’s considered a “ contemporary artist” or not.

Creep: Any new projects you are working on that you can give fans a hint of?

SO: Actually ya, 2012 is looking to be pretty insane despite December’s impending doom for humanity. I’ve gotta a couple of solo shows in the works, my buddy Mike “gojira task force” is redesigning my site and modeling some ideas for toys and there should be prints and other merch in the future as well, so its really starting to heat up.

Check out the rest of his work at the following sites: Twitter Facebook


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    Jul 25, 2011 at 4:17 pm

    Love Scarecrowoven’s work! Keep killin’ it

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    Amy Kollar Anderson
    Aug 19, 2011 at 7:29 am

    I discovered Scarecrowoven in the Alice in Wonderland themed show at The Hive Gallery earlier this year and ended up purchasing his piece from that show. LOVE IT! His attention to detail and his color choices just rock my world, plus he is so nice! Looking forward to seeing more from him in the future. Thank you for this interview!

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