What seems like many many moons ago (this past December), I visited the studio of Paul Romano. I was intrigued by a new project he has been venturing into, but was also excited to meet this highly prolific artist and peek into his working process. His residence, often a place for touring metal bands to stay for the night, is well-known amongst friends. Decorated with a plethora of curio, artwork and an extensive collection of art books, I was in for a treat.

Renowned for his work he’s done for the heavy metal music scene, most famously Mastodon, Paul is an extremely versatile artist, so it’s noteworthy that this new project will be the first time he’s ventured into selling his own personal work that was not produced for a band. He began releasing works for this project, entitled XxXxX on October 10, 2010. By next fall, on November 11, 2011, the project will come to an end, boasting one thousand 10×10 inch works. Most have been selling shortly after they hit his website.

Paul is currently taking part in the Verge Brooklyn Art Fair with the Brooklyn Art Project and Anagnorisis Fine Arts. He has created a new 6 color screen print, The Visitation (shown above), for this event which will be on sale throughout the weekend. To purchase, contact samantha@artanagnorisis.com.

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