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New paintings by Dan Harding

The always amazing Dan harding has posted some new paintings that I had to share. Dan will have work in a show coming up, “The Gruesome Art Ghoullery” that is hosted by the Hyaena Gallery and will be at the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors this April 17-19 at the Los Angeles convention Center. His work will be shown alongside such artists as: Vince Locke, Gris Grimly, D.W. Frydendall, Eric Pigors, Alex Pardee, Chuck Hodi, Rick “Dienzo” Blanco, Erick De La Vega and many more. Looks to be a killer event for all the horror and art fans out there.

Take a look at Dan’s new work and make sure to stop by his website for more.
Dan has added Moss, as well as a Grey Werewolf painting to his works for sale Here


Wondercon SF 2009

The Wondercon in San Francisco opened this Friday at the Moscone Center. It goes until Sunday, so if your like me an missed the opening on Friday there is still two more days. I am a fan of comic books, but I enjoy the artists alley a lot better. It’s a great chance to score some prints and originals from some really amazing artists. I will hopefully have some good pics of the event when I get back, but I wanted to give a rundown of who I know will be there.

Alex Pardee with at the Zerofriends booth #1374. He will be signing, and the good news is that there is 25 of the Watchmen prints (shown) available. He saved some after the NY Con for his SF buddies.

David Mack will be at table #134, he is right next to Jim Lee so you can check out his work as well. David will have some books and limited editions.

Ben Walker will be in the small press area, booth #SP18. He will have copies of his new book, t-shirts and some affordable mini paintings for like $10. He will also have Michael Slack with him at the booth.

Camilla D’Errico has two tables, and some new plushes to show off in the artists alley at #085

Mike Mignola can be found in the artists alley at table #101

Jonathan Wayshak/Scrapbook Manifesto can be found in the artists alley at booth #121

I’m sure there is way more that I have not found yet. There are some signings if that is your thing. Erin Grey, Adam West, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill, Richard Kiel and the one one I will get is from Tony Todd (Candyman, Night of the Living Dead).


“The Gauntlet” limited print by Greg “Craola” Simkins

At the opening of Craola’s show at Ffity24SF I talked to Craola a bit about collaborations he would like to be in, artists he would like to show with and so on. Alex Pardee was one of the he mentioned, “it just makes sense” he said and I agree. Well we might not have a collaborative show from the two of these amazing artists for some time, but Zerofriends/Alex Pardee is bringing the fans a limited edition print by Craola. The print is entitled “The Gauntlet”, it is 16″ x 20″ Printed with Archival Inks on Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag, limited to only 100. And as it says on the site “Each print is hand signed, numbered and loved by Greg Simkins”. The prints from Zerofriends look amazing, and with Craola’s artwork on them this print is surely to sell out very fast, especially since it’s only $125

Head on over and grab one before it’s to late.
The Gauntlet @


The Lowbrow Art Sale: Feb 3rd

This weeks article features prints by James Jean, Caia Koopman, Alex Pardee, Marlo Meekins & Munk One. Check it out Here

“The Real Batman” print by Alex Pardee

At the Alternative Press Expo just this last year, Alex Pardee had some small prints for sale of “The Real Batman”. The prints sold out pretty fast. It looks like has added a larger version of the print. This new print is 17″ x 22″ Printed with Archival Inks on Acid Free Velvet Cotton Rag, signed and numbered in an edition of 200.

I have the smaller one and it looks amazing, there is no doubt this larger one looks just as good if not better.

The Real Batman

The Real Batman

Thanks to for the tip.

The Lowbrow Art Sale: Jan 13th

This weeks article features prints by Krista Huot, Alex Pardee, Ben Tour, Van Arno & Andy Kehoe. Check it out Here

Shows this weekend: Van Arno, James Jean & Family First

Aside from the Ron English, Alex Pardee and Beastie Boys tribute show I mentioned earlier, there are some more killer shows opening up this weeked.

“From the Streets of Brooklyn” at Thinkspace Gallery opened.
The show features work from 50 Brooklyn artists, with a few installations as well.

Esther Pearl Watson & Jessica Joslin both have solo shows at Billy Shire Fine Arts.
The shows are both online to view.

“The Boogie Disease”, featuring new works from Van Arno opens at Shooting Gallery SF.
The show is online and looks amazing. I will have pics from this show after the weekend.

“Family First” opens next door at the White Walls Gallery.
The show features work by gallery favorites, Ian Francis, Shepard Fairey, Mike Giant, Shawn Barber, Sylvia Ji and many more. The show online as well.
The work by Ian Francis looks amazing.

“Kindling”, James Jean’s solo show at the Jonathan Levine Gallery opens Saturday as well.
The preview from the show look great, and if that isn’t enough Keniche Hoshine has his show “The Night Before” in the project room.

Under the Influence: Beastie Boys show now online

The Beastie Boys theme art show “Under the Influence” opens at the Gallery 1988 in LA tonight. The show features a whole mess of artists creating art inspired by the band. The show is now online to view, or order art if you wish. Along with original art there is also a good amount of limited edition prints made for the show.

There are some really great artists in the show such as: Ken Garduno, Tom Haubrick, Matt Dangler, Aaron Jasinksi, Andrew Hem, Michael Page, Alex Pardee and the three shown below, Dave Macdowell, Casey Weldon and Chris Murray. Dave’s painting is of course amazing as usual, the colors and textures in Chris’s and Casey’s Biz Markie with the Ted Nugent shirt and energy beam shooting mouth is too much.

Check out the show here: Beastie Boys Show


Ron English and Alex Pardee at Fifty24 SF

Tonight at Fifty24 in San Francisco, Ron English’s solo show “Mythographic Vicissitudes” opens in the lower level of the gallery, and Alex Pardee’s “Letters From Digested Children” opens on the upper level of the gallery. Both are amazing artists and being able to see both shows in the same gallery is too good to be true.

Arrested Motion has a preview of Ron English’s show Here. has a preview of Alex’s show, and it looks like it’s going to be killer. I love the idea of the video installation that he has in the show, I wish this was seen in more shows. Check it out Here

I’ll be seeing the show in Saturday and will no doubt have many pics to share. For now head over to


The Lowbrow Art Sale: Dec 23rd

This week’s article features prints by Brian M Viveros, Alex Pardee, Mari Inukai, Kent Williams & Gary Pullin. Check it out Here

“Cult Series” prints by Alex Pardee now available

Alex Pardee’s series of Cult icons for the Crazy 4 Cult 2 show are now available as limited edition prints. There is 6 different prints, each one 8″ x 10″ signed and numbered in an edition of 50. You can pick up each print for $40, or grab the whole set for $200 over at Gallery 1988 LA.

I think he picked some really great characters for this series, Baseball Furie #1, Edward Scissorhands, Slot, Johnny Eck (Freaks, 1932), Cop #4 and my personal favorite Ash.

Alex Pardee Cult Series at Gallery 1988

Alex Pardee’s “Bunnywith” now a daily webcomic

One of Alex’s most memorable creations has to be “Bunnywith”. There have been comics, plush toys, and vinyl toys. Alex stated that “”Bunnywith”, and his adorable smile, allows me to be the asshole I wish I was 98% of my life.” So for those out there that love Alex’s work, as well as this character, we now get even more. The new incarnation of “Bunnywith” is a daily updated web-comic, well almost daily.

One of the things about looking for new art by your favorite artists, is that it takes time to create. So with web-comics you get something new everyday. Something that can make you laugh, think or just give your day a pick-up. I have a list of web-comics that I read everyday and am very happy to add this one to the line-up.

Bunnywith Web-comic