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Halloween 2012 Group Feature

First off, I apologize for the delay in postings the past few weeks. I am still here, and still determined to keep this site going for as long as I can. Work has been a little too hectic lately, but i’m working on getting back to posting more. So, with a bit of a delay, here is this years Halloween feature. Art from Jason Edmiston, Travis Louie, Dan Harding, Ego, Scarecrowoven, Ken Garduno, Jackie Gallagher, Tom Haubrick, Matthew Bone, Chris Mars, Jacob Bannon, Darwin Enriquez, Matt Buck, Patrick Fatica, Tom Bagshaw, Chet Zar, Apricot Mantle, Brian Smith, James Groman, and Fernando Carpaneda. Click on The Bride for the full feature.

Now Online: “Marvelous Humans” Group Show @ Articulated Gallery

Just over a week ago on April 7th, the latest show I had the pleasure of curating opened at the Articulated Gallery in San Francisco. I had a few ideas of what would be my next show, but i thought that Marvelous Humans would be the most fun, and would be a great way to signal a break in my curating days. I’m not going to say I will never curate again, but I do have other projects now that will take more priority over curating. I am very happy with the art in this show, and the reception was a blast. A good amount of artists were present such as Glenn Arthur, Apricot Mantle, Robert Bowen, Peter Adamyan, Kelly Castillo, and Edward Cao. The artwork from the show is now available in the Articulated Gallery online shop, and you can also see some alternate images of the works over at the Creep Machine Facebook page. If you would like to see higher resolution images of the works, please feel free to contact me.

Preview: “Marvelous Humans” @ the Articulated Gallery SF

Opening this Saturday, April 7th, is a new exhibition I have had the pleasure to curate. Entitled Marvelous Humans, this group show features art inspired by the many human marvels that once lived, or are alive today. I have always been inspired by those who were born with a certain condition, and made the most of it, as well as those that choose to alter their bodies regardless of the negative reactions they would receive. So instead of focusing on these people as “oddities”, I thought it was time for some art to be created that was done with a level of respect. A few of the artists looked to the amazing “Human Marvels” website for inspiration, take a look when you have time.

The reception takes place at the Articulated Gallery in San Francisco from 8-10 PM, and a few of the artists will be in attendance. The Facebook Event page has the full info; please help spread the news. Participating artists include: Apricot Mantle, Casey Weldon, Dan Harding, Dave MacDowell, Edward Cao, Glenn Arthur, Elizabeth Levesque, Jackie Gallagher, Jason Snyder, Jay Doronio, Jessica Ward, Kelly Castillo, Larkin, M Fersner, Patrick Deignan, Peter Adamyan, Richard Frost Robert Bowen, Sandi Calistro, & Scarecrowoven. Take a look at the preview images, and we hope to see you there.

Preview: “Femme Fatale” group show @ Cella Gallery

Opening this Saturday, February 25th at the Cella Gallery in Los Angeles, is a group show curated by Nicole Bruckman and Stephanie Chefas entitled Femme Fatale. Over 35 artists, each one inspired by the female figure, have come together to present artworks in a variety of mediums. Aaron Nagel, Apricot Mantle, Aunia Kahn, Casey Weldon, Cate Rangel, Chris Peters, Chrystal Chan, Dave MacDowell, Delphia, Edith Lebeau, Gail Potocki, Jason Rudolph Pena, JAW Cooper, Jeff Ramirez, Jessica Ward, JoKa, Ken Garduno, Korin Faught, Linnea Strid, Nom Kinnear King, Paul Chatem, Stella Im Hultberg, and on and on. This is bound to be an amazing show with such an impressive list of talented artists. Take a look at the preview below, and if your in the area be there for the reception from 7-11 PM.

Cella Gallery

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“I Want My Music Video Art Show” @ Meltdown Gallery

Opening tonight, October 7th, at the Meltdown Gallery in Los Angeles is a massive group show, over 100 artists, all taking inspiration from music videos for the first “I Want My Music Video Art Show” curated by Chris Marrs Piliero and Dave MacDowell. Artists such as Sarah Joncas, Aaron Jasinksi, Aunia Kahn, Apricot Mantle, Chet Zar, Dan Harding, Dan Quintana, Edith Lebeau, Jason D’Aquino, John Cebollero, Kelly Vivano, Larkin, Kolaboy, Nate Van Dyke, N.C. Winters, Paul Chatem, Scott G Brooks, Scott C, and many more have created art based on their favorite music videos. Oh, and yours truly also has a piece of art in this show (thanks to Dave for talking me into it). The reception starts at 8 PM and I have heard that a good majority of the artists will be there, so if you stop by make sure to say hi to the artists that made this show a must see. The exhibition will run until October 20th, so if you can’t make the reception you have a little bit of time to see the show.

I am very honored to be a part of this show, there is so many amazing artists. To be honest I was a little too nervous in the beginning and thought about not entering. I will stay with my original goal of this site and not show my work here, however I am proud of the piece and hope the viewers of the show enjoy it. Take a look the preview images of the show, and then check out the site below for some more images and video links.

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Preview: Feminality Art Show: Couples Edition Round 2

Opening September 3rd at the Hive Gallery is the Feminality Art Show, Couples Edition Round 2. The show is brought to the gallery by Mike Franco from Wizard Sleeve Toys, as well as Gnomon School of Visual Effects. The show features art submitted by artistic couples, and has the couples showing a solo work a piece as well as a collaborative work. It;s great to see how some of the couples have similar styles, while others have drastically different styles but work so well in the collaboration pieces. Participating artists include: Tim and Emma Mount, Apricot Mantle and Jessica Ward, Meats Meier and Misaki Sawada, Cory Daigler & Brandi Read, Erlend & Pamela Tait (featured), Alan DeForest and Bethany Pratt, Brandan Styles and Ellie Rusinova, Tracy Tomko and Erin Asmussen, The Chung and Desiree Fessler-Chung, Stuntkid and Elizabeth Levesque, Dan Barry and Robin Coronel, and Ted Von Heiland and Anna Chung

Feminality Art Show

Photos: “Under the Gun” group show @ Articulated Gallery

It has been while since I have been asked to curate a show, and is something I would like to do more often. Articulated Gallery needed a show for the month of June and they asked me to whip together a quick group show, and since time was limited “Under the Gun” was born. The show features work by Chet Zar, Dan Harding, Jessica Ward, Apricot Mantle, Patrick Deignan, John Cebollero, Godmachine, Megan Frauenhoffer, Larkin, Jon Macnair, Jessica Stewart, and Cate Rangel. I am very happy with the show, and was also happy to have some new talent such as Jessica Stewart (featured) and Megan Frauenhoffer (featured) in the show. The show will be up until July 1st, so if you haven’t had a chance to stop by yet, make sure you do. Otherwise I took some photos and made a new video of the exhibition. Hit the link for the video and the rest of the photos.

Articulated Gallery

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“Speaking in Tongues” @ Black Vulture Gallery

Buddy Nestor put together an amazing show recently that opened at the Black Vulture Gallery on June 3rd. The artwork has not shown up on the gallery’s web page, however many of the works have shown up on BUddy’s own Facebook page. So I thought I would make it easier and show the work here. This is a very large group show, and features some outstanding work. Works by Cam Rackam, Brian Smith, Dan Harding, Apricot Mantle, Charlie Immer, Crystal Barbre, Dave Glass, Ewelina Ferruso, Isis Graywood, Kat Gun, Jessica Ward, Kristen Ferrel, JoKa, Jeremy Hush, Paul Romano, Lauren Rusignola, Peter Adamyan, and many more make up for a solid show. I am really hooked on the painting “Raphael Goes to Hell” by Lauren Rusignola (shown last). Of course I’m always a sucker for paintings that feature elements and themes from classical works of art, but the textures and style of this painting are amazing in itself. Take a look at the full show over at Buddy’s Facebook Page:

“Speaking in Tongues” Preview

Preview: “Under the Gun” group show @ Articulated Gallery

Once again I was given the opportunity to curate a group show, and am very happy to say that it will be taking place at the Articulated Gallery in San Francisco. This group show is entitled “Under the Gun” and will open this Saturday, June 4th at 8:00pm. The show will feature work from Chet Zar, Dan Harding, Cate Rangel, Jessica Ward, Apricot Mantle, Patrick Deignan, Megan Frauenhoffer (featured), Jon Macnair, Godmachine, Larkin, John Cebollero, and Jessica Stewart (featured). Many of these artists have been featured on the site many times, and a few are recent features and I am very happy to have them in the show. I won’t be able to make the reception night, but I hope everyone enjoys the show, it looks amazing and while your there you can check out the Loved to Death shop. I am told the show will be on the gallery’s webpage this coming Sunday.

Articulated Gallery

Review: “Everything But the Kitschen Sync” @ La Luz de Jesus

The 14th installment of the “Everything But the Kitschen Sync” group show opened at La Luz de Jesus this past March 4th. Apricot Mantle was able to do a review of the show and take some photos for us. Hit the jump link for Apricot’s full review and images.

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“Everything But the Kitschen Sync 14″ @ La Luz de Jesus

Coming this March 4th at La Luz de Jesus is the 14 edition of the “Everything But the Kitschen Sync” group show. These group show started back in 18986 and focussed entirely on folk art. The show has now changed names a few times and evolved to encompass more of the best fine art, illustrative, and graphic design out there. New works by Michael Brown, JAW Cooper, Will Crane, Patrick “Star27″ Deignan, Delphia, Robert Doucette, Caitlin Hackett, Scott Holloway, Richard Frost, Dennis Larkins, Danni Shinya Luo, Jon MacNair, Apricot Mantle, Junko Mizuno, Munk One, Scott Saw, Kim Scott, Sean Stepanoff, Bonni Read, Cate Rangel, Antonio Roybal, Celene Petrulak, Nathan Ota, Jessica Ward, James Zar, and many more will be on view. It’s an amazing show with a staggering amount of work to be seen. I especially like José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros Disney remix works, and Delphia’s “The Caul” (shown first) is easily one of my favorite works from this show. This exhibition will be up until march 28th, so if your in the area make sure to stop by.

Take a look at the full show: “Everything But the Kitschen Sync 14″ @ La Luz de Jesus

Steven Daily’s “Covenant” @ La Luz de Jesus Gallery

On January 7th, La Luz de Jesus opened four solo shows, one of which was Steven Daily’s “Covenant”. Apricot Mantle stopped by the show, took some photos and was nice enough to write a review for the Creep. Take it away Apricot.

If you have been following Art sites such as Arrested Motion and Daily duJour you have probably already read or seen the posts speaking of LA. Pop-surrealist Artist, Steven Daily’s latest body of work entitled ‘Covenant’. Steven’s new acrylic paintings depicting the ever so intriguing, shroud all that surrounds the dark world of the Freemasons. So I probably don’t need to bore you with more wordy details of artist statements and the like. Instead I would like to bore you with my first hand experience of going to La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Hollywood, CA the very night of the opening!
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