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“Orphan I” print by Ben Tour

Ben Tour currently has a solo show going on at the Joshua Liner Gallery, that will be over this coming August 8th. He also just added a new print to his online shop. “Orphan I” comes from a painting he had in his last solo show, “Electric Orphans” at the Meta Gallery. This print is 17″ x 22″ on museum rag paper with deckled edges, signed and numbered in an edition of 50 for $200. This was by far my favorite piece he had in the “Electric Orphans” show. It was available from the gallery, but now you can go straight to the source and get it from Ben.

Ben Tour Store


“Crash & Burn” by Ben Tour @ Joshua Liner Gallery

Ben Tour’s latest solo show “Crash & Burn” opened at the Joshua Liner Gallery this past July 11th. I have always been a big fan of his work, and have to admit that his use of the materials has played a role in the development of my own little artworks. In an article over at Toonhound, the author states that ink in Ralph Steadman’s hands was a life giving fluid. While I agree with this, I also feel that Ben has the same ability with the variety of materials he uses. Whether it is spray paint, ink, markers or crayons, Ben seems to be using them less a means to simple place an image onto paper or wall. The materials are more like components, each one fills a specific role and all work together to permanently embed the emotion you see in these figures.

The work for the show is online, and available to pick up. Ben Tour @ Joshua Liner
Images of the show can be seen on Fecal Face

Shows this weekend: Monsters, Big Tuna & Until the Whistle Blows

Insane amount of shows opening this weekend, some very exciting ones as well.

Show and Tell Gallery will open “Get Over It”, featuring new work by Steve Powers, Greg Lamarche and Greg Gossel.

Thinkspace Gallery has three shows opening. Stella Im Hultberg with “Memento Mori” in the main room and Catherine Brooks with “The Seeded Wind and Silent Motion; an Oeuvre of Beetled Beauty” in the project room. Hannah Stouffer will also have “Twilight & Fate” as part of the gallery “Fresh Faces” series.

Super7 will be opening “Back to the Dust Bowl” with artwork from John Stuart Berger, Ben Walker, and Justin Lovato.

Joshua Liner Gallery is opening “Crash & Burn”, a new solo exhibition from Ben Tour and “Higashi No Kamisama – God From the East” with new works from Yumiko Kayukawa.

MK Gallery will host a new solo exhibition of work from artist Victor Castillo.

Copro Gallery is opening “Monster” a group show curated by Travis Louie and quite an impressive list of artists.

Shooting Gallery will open “Until the Whistle Blows” a duo show of works from Paul Chatem and Mike Maxwell. I have been waiting for this one, I am huge fan of Paul Chatem’s work. His style just keeps getting more and more complex. A great example of continual growth every artist should have.
Right next door at White Walls is new art from Becca and at Gallery Three, “And A Wolf Shall Devour The Sun” By Harley Lafarrah Eaves.

“Orphan I” original by Ben Tour

Ben Tour currently has a painting up for sale. The painting is from his “Electric Orphans” series, this one is “Orphan I”. The painting is ink and crayon on paper, 23″ x 30″ and framed. You can also see in the image that the edges of the paper are all nicely deckled. It looks amazing in that frame. Every painting from that series is great, but this one is really just perfect looking. Something about the colors and energy in the way Ben puts the ink on the paper, along with that expression the model has, really makes this painting special.

If your interested in snagging this one up, get in touch with Ben here:


The Lowbrow Art Sale: Jan 13th

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Ben Tour: Electric Orphans show at Meta Gallery

Ben Tour has a solo show coming up at the Meta Gallery in Toronto this Friday. The reception is from 7-10pm and Ben will be present. Along with new works for the show, there is also a print available. The print is entitled “Orphan I”, it is on museum rag paper with deckled edges, 20″ x 24″ in an edition of 50. You can get the print by getting in touch with the gallery here: to acquire the work or phone Meta Gallery at 416-955-0500.

The shows online to view right now, it’s one of those flash based galleries but you can zoom in and make all of the images as big as your screen. The show looks amazing, I really love the energy and textures that Ben gets in every painting that he does.

Head on over and check out the show. Ben Tour at Meta Gallery


The Lowbrow Art Sale: Dec 16th

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Two new prints from Ben Tour

Ben Tour has two new prints available, directly from his site. The prints are both on Somerset Velvet Acid Free Paper, both are 18″ x 24″ and signed by the artist. This is a very limited edition of 20, so don’t wait on these. The one shown here is “Blue Wash 1″.

I could really go on forever about how amazing his artwork is. The layering, the colors he chooses, the huge variety of splashes, splatters and drip marks. It’s all perfect.

Head on over to his store and take a look, or pick one of these prints up.


“The Lowbrow Art Sale” July 9th

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Shows this weekend: Space Party, Joshua Liner & Paul Chatem

There are some really killer shows opening this weekend, wish I could see them all.

“Happily Ever After 2″ is a group show curated by Monica Choy. It opens on Friday at the Suite 100 Gallery in Seattle. The show looks great, wish I could see it in person. She does have some preview pics up that you can look at Here.

“MERGERS & ACQUISITIONS” is a duo show featuring art by Kathie Olivas & Brandt Peters. It opens this Friday night at the Thinkspace Gallery. You can see the show online right now: Olivas & Peters at Thinkspace.

“Zombies Attack Again!” opens this Saturday at the M.F. Gallery in New York. The show features work by Frank Russo, James Wrona, Gary Pullin (art director of Rue-Morgue Magazine) and many others. There will also be live music. Check it out here: Zombies Attack Group show

Art Whino is having the “Yuri’s Night ’08 – World Space Party”. There will be perfomances, music and art by Scott G Brooks, Papermonster, Arabella Proffer, Brandi Read & I believe David Macdowell has a piece in the show as well. This is a party really, so there is a door price. Check out all the info here: Out of this World Party

Aaron Jasinski will have his first solo show, “Seraphim and Spacemen” at Distinction Gallery this Saturday. The show looks amazing, there is a huge amount of work. You can check it all out here: Aaron Jasinski Solo Show

The Joshua Liner Gallery in New York will have it’s Inaugural Group show open on Saturday the 12th. Liner is the co-founder of the Lineage Gallery, and this is his new gallery. You can see work by Shawn Barber, Ron English, Jeremy Fish, Blaine Fontana, Naoto Hattori, Zach Johnsen, Kris Kuksi, Travis Louie, Greg Simkins, Ben Tour and many others. This is going to be a killer first show, check it out here: Inagural Group Show

I’m super excited about “Running on Empty”, Paul Chatem’s first solo show at the Shooting Gallery in SF. The show is online for you to gawk at, and maybe purchase. I love his work, and will be seeing this one in person this week for sure. Check out the show here: Paul Chatem Solo Show

Also, the B Movie show will be hung up on Monday. The best time to see the show and all the ruckus that will go with it is Friday the 18th. See you there: B Movie Show info