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“I Like Soup” Andy Warhol Tribute @ Virginia MOCA

Jason Levesque (aka Stuntkid) was asked to co-curate a group show along with Heather Hakimzadeh at the Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art. Each artist was asked to customize blank soup cans, and these new cans would be shown alongside an exhibit of works by Any Warhol. The show, entitled I Like Soup, featured work by Glenn Arthur, Luke Chueh, Dominique Fung, Charlie Immer, JoKa, Sarah Joncas, KozynDan, Elizabeth Levesque, Jason Levesque, Jason Limon, Jim Mahfood, Dan May, Soey Milk, Buddy Nestor, Charmaine Olivia, Conrad Roset, Casey Weldon, Chet Zar, and many more.

Each customized can is now online to view, and for every can that is sold the proceeds will go to help benefit MOCA’s educational programs and the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia. Head on over to the site and check out all of the works, some of these cans are outstanding. JoKa and his toothpick painting style is always impressive, and Chet Zar Kozyndan, and Jason Levesque went all out and even added some sculptural elements to the cans.

I Like Soup @ VMOCA

Review: “Spirit Board” Group Show @ Articulated Gallery

On November 5th the Articulated Gallery in San Francisco opened the Spirit Board group show, curated by JL Schnabel. The show features a wide variety of artists all taking inspiration from the Ouija Board. Back in 20o8 Copro Gallery hosted Chet Zar’s “Taking Board” show and like many shows in Southern California, I wasn’t able to see the show in person. However, I do feel that the Ouija Board itself merits a few shows dedicated to it, so I was very happy to hear that Articulated would be hosting this show. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the reception night; I heard that many artists were in attendance and it was quite a night. I did stop by he next day so I could see the show, and took some photos and made another video walkthrough.

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“Necropolis” Dark Art Group Show @ Congregation Gallery

This past weekend was a good time for art fans as a handful of amazing shows opened up. One of which was “Necropolis”, a dark art group show that opened at the Congregation Gallery on Saturday. The show features work by Nikko Hurtado, Christopher Peters, Cam Rackam, Christopher Ulrich, Larkin, Dan Harding, Scott Holloway, Buddy Nestor, Jeremy Cross, Jason Soles, Aunia Kahn, Christopher Conte, Kolaboy, Chad Savage, the Creep, Jason Hernandez, Sean Chappell, Scarecrowoven, Liv Rainey-Smith, and many more. The show will be on view until roughly August 12th. I was very happy to see the work of Kolaboy, as I have been a fan of his since around the time this site started. Liv Rainey-Smith also made some amazing little block prints.

Preview: “Biting Rainbows in Limbo” by Buddy Nestor

Opening this Friday, July 1st at the Hyaena Gallery is the latest solo show from Buddy Nestor. This new exhibition entitled “Biting Rainbows in Limbo”, will feature some more signature style portraits from Buddy, drawings, and even a few giclee prints to be had. The prints are each 7″x9.5″ matted to 11″ x 14″, signed and numbered in editions of 10. The preview of the show is now online to view so head on over and check it out, and if you can make it to the reception be sure to tell Buddy ‘hi’ for us.

Hyaena Gallery

Speaking in Tongues – New Show Curated by Buddy Nestor

Buddy Nestor has outdone himself with his latest group exhibition.  A collector, painter and curator, Buddy has a truly influential and versatile presence in this circle of dark arts.  This being his second go at curating, Speaking in Tongues, will be an unbelievable event.  Opening this Friday night, June 3rd, at Black Vulture Gallery in Philadelphia, Cam Rackam & Genevive Zacconi are scheduled to be painting live surrounded by the artwork of over 60 artists including Jeremy Hush, Paul Romano, JL Schnabel, Heather Gargon, Jason Levesque (Stuntkid), Charlie Immer and Ewelina Ferruso.  Don’t miss it!

Hi Fructose interview with Buddy Nestor

Hi Fructose has just put up a new interview with Buddy Nestor conducted by JL Schnabel, an artist working out of Philadelphia. The interview goes over the beginnings of Buddy’s “Every Girl Goes to Hell” portrait series, and gives a detailed account of the working process Buddy goes through for each one of these paintings. It’s a great interview that flows well, and gives the viewer a better insight into these outstanding works Buddy keeps on creating. I have to say that the articles and interviews by JL Schnabel are one of the main reasons I keep checking Hi Fructose out on a weekly basis.

Hi Fructose interview with Buddy Nestor

“Subtleties of Character” @ WWA Gallery

Omn Thursday, December 10th, a group show curated by Dan Barry entitled “Subtleties of Character” opened at the WWA Gallery. This group show features artwork by Glenn Barr, Ana Bagayan, Matt Dangler, Richard J Frost, Jeremiah Ketner, Luis Lorenzana, Mia Makila, Buddy Nestor, Kevin Peterson, Saratoga Sake, Nouar, Jittagarn Kaewtinkoy, and many more. There is some really great work in this show, I was happy to see some drawings by Buddy Nestor. His drawing style is just as captivating as his paintings, I hope he releases some more drawings soon as these ones sold out very fast. I also really liked Glenn Barr’s “Idyll Worship”, and it just so happens that Glenn has a print of the study over at his shop (here).

Check out the full show: “Subtleties of Character” @ WWA Gallery

Halloween 2010 Feature

Halloween is upon us again, one of my favorite times of the year. Not only is it filled with great memories of being a kid, eating too much candy and watching horror movies late into the night, but this season is when some of the creepiest art is made. This is the second year I have posted a Halloween feature, and hopefully this one is even better. Head on over to the feature page and see work by: Chris Murray, Charlie Immer, Apricot Mantle, Scott Move, Naoto Hattori, Jessica Ward, Dean McDowell, Esao Andrews, Brian Smith, Dennis Brown, Dan Harding, Ryan Heshka, Celene Petrulak, Adrian Borda, Ego, Buddy Nestor, Edward Frausto, Laurie Lipton, Dave MacDowell, Jehan Choo, Natalie Shau, Joshua Carlton, Dan Hipp, Dienzo, Sarah Joncas, Chet Zar, Chris Brodahl, JR Williams, Tom Haubrick, Nicole Absher, Larkin, and Nouar.

If there is any art you find creepy, that hasn’t been added to this gallery, add the link to the art in the comments.
Halloween 2010 Feature

Interview with Buddy Nestor @ Beinart

The Beinart Blog has just published a new interview with Buddy Nestor. Lana Gentry was able to get Buddy Nestor to talk about his artwork, and how he developed his unique style. Head on over and check it out.

Buddy Nestor @ Beinart

“The Black Plague Art Show” @ Congregation Gallery

Opening tonight, July 24th at the Congregation Gallery in Hollywood, CA is a group show entitled “The Black Plague Art Show”. Curated by Cam Rackam, this show has a very impressive lineup with new works from: Jason Soles, Buddy Nestor, Cam Rackam, Chris Peters, Christopher Conte, Dan Harding, Ian Ward, Sean Chappell, Terry Wolfinger, Vincent Castiglia, Lacey Bryant, Karl Persson, Nikko Hurtado, Larkin, and many more. Of course we all know the Black Plague to be one of the deadliest pandemics in human history, but one of the elements you will see in many of these works is the outfits the plague doctors would wear. It consisted of a wide brimmed hat (a signifier of being a doctor), a long black overcoat (to minimize exposure), a cane for examining and ushering people around, and most notable the bird’s beak shaped mask. This mask worked similar to a gas mask, as impure air was thought to spread the disease. The mask had red eyepieces, thought to block the doctor from evil, and the beak would be filled with herbs or spices that would reduce the smell and again block impure air.

It’s an outstanding show, and had me surprised quite a few times. Dan Harding’s new piece “La Bella Morte Nera” (or The Beautiful Back Death), is so amazing, his work just keeps getting better. I also liked Jason Soles “Bell Jar Baby” and various masks. Lacey Bryant also has some great, illustrative pieces that really take the idea of the Black Plague as inspiration. “A Surprise for Mum” has the rats that helped spread the plague, and “Pocketful of Posies” is pretty creepy as well. Take a look at the preview images here, and then head over for the full show.

Black Plague Art Show @ Congregation Gallery

Buddy Nestor “Angelic Possession” @ White Rabbit Lounge

Opening this Friday, July 2nd at the White Rabbit Lounge in New York, Anagnorisis Fine Arts presents a solo exhibition entitled “Angelic Possession” featuring new works by Buddy Nestor. During opening night only there will be live painting by Katie Perdue and Scott Cranmer, as well as some new video work by Josh Graham (Storm of Light & Neurosis). I was able to see Buddy Nestor’s work up close before Eclectix Gallery closed, and it looks amazing. I really love what he does with the distortion in these portraits. The paint is handled beautifully, and each portrait is an exciting example of how polished Buddy’s style is. Take a look at these few preview images, and if you can’t stop by the White Rabbit Lounge in person, make sure to check out the full show at the link provided.

“Buddy Nestor “Angelic Possession”

Review: “Dementions” @ Eclectix Gallery

On Friday Eclectix Gallery opened it’s Fourth Halloween themed group show, “Dementions”. There were 50 artists participating in the show, Dan Harding, Scott Hove, Sean Chappell, Brooke Kent, Jackie Gallagher, Buddy Nestor, Dean McDowell, Isabel Samaras and many more. This was the first time that I had been to the new location of Eclectix. The space is much bigger with the shop downstairs and the gallery space upstairs. The weather that night wasn’t that bad, but upstairs in the gallery the temperature was that of a hot summer day. So it was a good idea for me to take a break outside, get some fresh air and wait for the crowd to cool down anyway.


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