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New works by Cam Rackam

Currently at the Congregation Gallery is a group show entitled “Necropolis” (featured), that features three new paintings by Cam Rackam. The images on the gallery page were a little too pixelated, or maybe they were not taking with enough light, but either way Cam added some nice clean photos of these three paintings to his Facebook page. Each of the paintings is made with oil on masonite, and the cohesive color scheme and decorative frames really makes this a perfect set. It;s a shame to think that these three paintings would be split up, as they look so good together.

“Necropolis” Dark Art Group Show @ Congregation Gallery

This past weekend was a good time for art fans as a handful of amazing shows opened up. One of which was “Necropolis”, a dark art group show that opened at the Congregation Gallery on Saturday. The show features work by Nikko Hurtado, Christopher Peters, Cam Rackam, Christopher Ulrich, Larkin, Dan Harding, Scott Holloway, Buddy Nestor, Jeremy Cross, Jason Soles, Aunia Kahn, Christopher Conte, Kolaboy, Chad Savage, the Creep, Jason Hernandez, Sean Chappell, Scarecrowoven, Liv Rainey-Smith, and many more. The show will be on view until roughly August 12th. I was very happy to see the work of Kolaboy, as I have been a fan of his since around the time this site started. Liv Rainey-Smith also made some amazing little block prints.

Preview: Dan Harding, Patrick Deignan & Larkin @ Congregation Gallery

For all of those lucky art fans in Los Angeles, the Congregation Gallery will be opening three must-see solo exhibitions tonight, May 14th at 9pm. Dan Harding will have new works with his show “Splinters”, Patrick “Star 27″ Deignan will have “Bad Obsession”, and finally “Rhinestone Deities” from Washington artist Larkin. With this new series of works, Larkin will summon “the creatures of land, air, and imagination to reinvent a polytheistic court of guardians and daemons. Utilizing dead religions as a template, He populates his new Otherworld with anthropomorphic deities, each with its own purpose and personality. Animal, human and teratogenic smithereens combine to form divine chimaeras and immortal misfits.” Dan Harding will once again be dipping into your worst nightmares, and putting the imagery few can imagine onto canvas with the skilled hands of a master. Patrick Deignan set out to tell a “brief narrative of coveted fame and the attempt to find fulfillment in things outside oneself. The pieces focus on themes of addiction, lust, and the loss of the spirit. The figure is portrayed in vibrant colors as if attracted to neon lights just off the canvas, like a moth to flame.”
This is going to an exciting night with some amazing artwork on view. Here are a few preview images, and keep your eyes on the galleries web page for the full show.

Congregation Gallery

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“The Black Plague Art Show” @ Congregation Gallery

Opening tonight, July 24th at the Congregation Gallery in Hollywood, CA is a group show entitled “The Black Plague Art Show”. Curated by Cam Rackam, this show has a very impressive lineup with new works from: Jason Soles, Buddy Nestor, Cam Rackam, Chris Peters, Christopher Conte, Dan Harding, Ian Ward, Sean Chappell, Terry Wolfinger, Vincent Castiglia, Lacey Bryant, Karl Persson, Nikko Hurtado, Larkin, and many more. Of course we all know the Black Plague to be one of the deadliest pandemics in human history, but one of the elements you will see in many of these works is the outfits the plague doctors would wear. It consisted of a wide brimmed hat (a signifier of being a doctor), a long black overcoat (to minimize exposure), a cane for examining and ushering people around, and most notable the bird’s beak shaped mask. This mask worked similar to a gas mask, as impure air was thought to spread the disease. The mask had red eyepieces, thought to block the doctor from evil, and the beak would be filled with herbs or spices that would reduce the smell and again block impure air.

It’s an outstanding show, and had me surprised quite a few times. Dan Harding’s new piece “La Bella Morte Nera” (or The Beautiful Back Death), is so amazing, his work just keeps getting better. I also liked Jason Soles “Bell Jar Baby” and various masks. Lacey Bryant also has some great, illustrative pieces that really take the idea of the Black Plague as inspiration. “A Surprise for Mum” has the rats that helped spread the plague, and “Pocketful of Posies” is pretty creepy as well. Take a look at the preview images here, and then head over for the full show.

Black Plague Art Show @ Congregation Gallery

Dan Harding originals @ Congregation Gallery

Congregation Arts, the folks that have been put on the Forgotten Saints, Voodoo and Metal inspired shows now have a full fledged website. Images from their last show “The Second Annual METAL Art Show” are now up to view. Paintings by Cam De Leon, Vincent Castiglia, Chris Peters, Fred Harper, Vince Locke, Cate Rangel and the always amazing Dan Harding are still available. The painting by Dan used for the flyer “Threshold” (shown) and another “Apocalyptic Self” were in the show. I really dig “Threshold”, the colors are great and the pose he has that figure in is really dynamic. If you have never seen a Dan Harding painting in person you are truly missing out. The details he achieves with oils is nuts. His work is starting to sell out faster as the shows go by, I am honestly surprised these two are not sold yet. Especially for the price they are set at.

Check out the full show: Congregation Gallery