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Chloe Early and Amy Sol @ Corey Helford Gallery

Opening tonight, October 23rd, at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City is “Birdsong and Machine Sounds” by Chloe Early and “Dear Milky Way” by Amy Sol. This new series of paintings by Early is inspired by classical myth, and takes Adam and Eve on a journey through nature and a post-industrial world. There will also be a limited edition print available by Early based on the painting “Silver Tip Symphony” (shown first). The print is a 20.25″ x 27″ giclee, signed and numbered in an edition of 50.

Corey Helford Gallery

Joshua Petker “Between Butterflies” @ Corey Helford Gallery

This past Saturday, April 17th, Joshua Petker opened his latest solo show “Between Butterflies” at the Corey Helford Gallery. The show features 20+ new paintings, many of which are in a square format, so 36″ x 36″ and so on. There was quite a lot of work in this show that I was taken in by, as well as a few paintings that I wasn’t too enamored with. Overall this is a great show, colorful and show the continuation of the style that Joshua Petker has been working on. There are also a few paintings that show a more “watercolor” like application of paint, the effect looks great against the white background each painting features.
Take a look at the preview images, and then head on over to see the full show.

Joshua Petker @ Corey Helford Gallery

Lola’s “Ipsum Factum” @ Corey Helford Gallery

This past Saturday, March 27th, the Corey Helford Gallery opened “Ipsum Factum” the latest solo show from Lola. This show features over a dozen new acrylic painting, ranging in size from the very impressive 50″ x 40″ “Your Ordinary Hero” painting, all the way down to “Sushi” coming in at only 1.5″ oval. As of writing this, the show is pretty much sold out; It’s not surprising as Lola always has great work, and this show is very solid. The paintings all flow together beautifully, and the color palette she uses really helps to bring the world she has created to life, a very surreal life at that. I love the idea that these paintings are made with acrylics. More and more, artists are showing that a medium once thought to not be as dynamic as oils, truly is in the right hands.

Take a look are the preview images here, and then over to the site for the full show:
Corey Helford Gallery

“The Multi-Plane” group show @ Corey Helford Gallery

This past Saturday, December 12th at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City the “Multi-Plane” group show opened up. For the past few weeks I have been seeing some previews of some of the pieces in the show, one of the great reasons to check out artists blogs now and again. The idea of the show is that “Each of these paintings is an original work created on two layers of glass and a masonite panel background, emulating the multi-plane process developed by animators in the 1930’s to create depth in animated features. Each surface is separated by 3/8 of an inch and the entire painting is housed in a custom-made frame.”

Click the read more to see more images and short review of the show. After that head over to the site and check out the rest of the show:
Multi-Plane @ Corey Helford

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“Chinoiserie” print by Korin Faught @ Corey Helford Gallery

The Corey Helford Gallery has just released a new print by Korin Faught. “Chenoiserie” is 32″ x 18″ on arches infinity paper, signed and numbered in an edition of 50. The print come from a painting Korin had in her latest solo show at the gallery entitled “Echo”.

Get it here: Corey Helford Gallery


Andrew Brandou @ Corey Helford Gallery

Andrew Brandou’s second solo show at the Corey Helford Gallery opened this past Halloween weekend. This new solo show is entitled “In the Garden of the Mystic” and will be up until November 18th if you want to stop by and check it out. I have enjoyed Andrew’s work for quite some time now. His style is very reminiscent of the art that surrounded me as a child, so I was hooked on the work the moment I saw it.
The new abstract character designs really stood out. I have seen a few artists try this in the past year and none seemed to have pulled it off as elegantly as Andrew has. The pictures don’t show it very well, but most of these new paintings have either gold leaf, or gold sumi ink in them. I absolutely love the linework seen in these paintings. Along with the abstracts, some of the maze style pieces that were seen in his “Mind Manors” show at the Milieu Galerie/Artspace in Bern, Switzerland are also present. Here is the statement from the gallery:

Influenced by 1960’s posters, music and psychedelia, Brandou’s new work takes a walk on the wild side and a more organic narrative ensues. The artist’s iconic flower motifs, skulls, bunnies and boxes transform into a kaleidoscope of stunning psychonautic imagery. Ornate gold leaf accents decorate mind-expanding dreamscapes where the ego merges into the id, fear is released and beauty resides. The exhibition will also include a rare series of limited-edition silkscreens on wood block based on vintage rock posters.

Check out the images, and then head on over for the full show: Corey Helford Gallery

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Shows this weekend: John Puglisi, Van Arno, Melissa Forman and Chet Zar

Here is the rundown of shows opening the weekend on October 2nd.

Flatcolor Gallery opened the latest solo show of EGO, “Light in the Darkness” on Thursday, but the full preview for the show with all the works is now up.

La Luz de Jesus will open two new shows from John Puglisi and Mitch O’ Connell. I haven’t seen too many posts on the various art sites about this show, there should be it looks amazing. Both shows are online to view, head on over and take a look.

Eclectix Gallery will host “Art Attack”, a one night event of live painting, drawings, and meet and greet with Ben Jelter, Nicolas Ceasar, Sherwin Viray and Stephanie Mufson.

Cave Gallery will open “Coisas Esquisitas”, a group show featuring work by Tatiana Suarez, Danni Shinya Luo, Kendra Binney, Jaw Cooper & Tina Darling

Rivet Gallery is opening a duo show with new works from Scott Tolleson and Alberto Cerriteño. Good mix of custom toys, and Alberto’s amazing paper-cut works

Corey Helford will open the latest solo shows of Van Arno and Melissa Forman. I featured some work a bit ago, and this show is not to be missed

Hive Gallery will host the “Tarot: Group Show”, featuring work by Michael Ryan, NC Winters, Jessica Ward, Delphia, Gregory Rodriguez and many more.

Copro Nason will have new shows from Chet Zar, Rachel Bess, Winston Smith and Dark Vomit. Do not miss this Chet Zar show!

Preview: Van Arno & Melissa Forman @ Corey Helford Gallery

Opening this Saturday, October 3rd at the Corey Helford Gallery will be a duo show featuring new works from Van Arno and Melissa Forman. This is Van Arno’s second solo show at the gallery and is entitled “A Change of Skin”, and marks a new direction for the artist “as Arno introduces multiple characters and a looser, more gestural format to his work. The exhibition will also feature 100 limited-edition silk screen show prints that will be available only at the gallery.” Then we have Melissa Forman’s second showing at the gallery as well with “Garden of Shadows”.

Both artists are extremely talented, and being able to see both of their shows in the same gallery is a must for those that are close.

Keep an eye on the site, for now here are some preview images: Corey Helford Gallery

FieldofFlowers forman 500
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3D Retro exlusive “Lil Mort” Figure by Coop

3D Retro has an exclusive vinyl figure by Coop. “Lil Mort” is based on a few of the paintings that were in his latest solo show at the Corey Helford Gallery. This figure is glow in the dark, 7″ tall and has a removable scythe. It’s limited to 150, but according to Vinylpulse 50 of those are saved for “Corey Helford Gallery’s members”.

Check it out: Lil Mot @ 3D Retro


Prints: “Goya” by Luke Chueh pre-order

Corey Helford gallery is releasing a new print from Luke Chueh. “Goya” comes from his last solo show at the gallery, “From Light Cometh Darkness” and is a remix of Francisco Goya’s “Saturn Devours His Son”. While I’m not the biggest fan of Luke’s work, I do enjoy this painting. The print is 12″ x 24″ on Arches infinity paper, signed and numbered in an edition of 50. The print can be bought with or without frame. The great thing about the frame, is that it is the exact one that Luke used for the original.

To purchase contact


Shows this weekend: Self Portraits, Coop Signing, Joe Ledbetter & Made in Mexico

Here is the rundown of events for this weekend.

Richard Heller Gallery is opening a group show with art from Derek Albeck, Mars-1 and more

Poketo Studios Is hosting “F*ck Cancer – We Love Justin” a benefit show for artist/designer Justin Van Hoy, with work by Tim Biskup, Shepard Fairey, Jordan Isip, Amanda Visell and many more

T&P Fine Art will open “Advertisements for Myself”, a group show featuring work by 2Cents, Branded, Nose, and El Toro.

La Luz de Jesus will open a show featuring works by Krystopher Sapp, Daniel Elson, Mark Bryan & Magda Trzaski. The Mark Bryan paintings look amazing.

Circle Culture Gallery is opening “Self Portraits”, with work by D-Face, Jeff Soto, Kill Pixie, Wordtomother and more.

Chango will have “Nuovo Mundus” featuring new works by Paul Torres

The Push SF presents Roberto Venosa

Kinsey/Desforges will have new works from Cole Sternberg

Corey Helford Gallery will have a signing with Coop featuring his books ‘The Big Fat One’ and ‘The Devil’s Advocate’ as well as a chance to pre-order his new “Lil’ Mort” figure.

Bear & Bird Gallery will open “Made in Mexico”, a group show featuring work by artists that are located in Mexico.

Rivet Art is hosting “The Study” featuring the work of Doktor A, Steve Cvinar, Dave Pressler, and Johnny Yanok.

Copro Gallery will have “Death and Taxes by Joe Ledbetter, “The Glass Menagerie” by Nathan Spoor and “Immortality” by Vincent Caccioti. Joe ledbetter will also be signing “Creatures of Habit”, there is also some Prints and Toys available at the gallery

Gallery Nucleus is having a show featuring “The Art Of Bob Peak”

Shows this weekend: Coop, Josh Keyes & Culver City Invasion

Here is the rundown of the shows opening this weekend:

Corey Helford Gallery is hosting the first solo show from Coop in the past three years. Reception is from 7-10pm

Gallery 1988 SF will open “Searching for Satori” a new solo show featuring new works by Matt Dangler

The Lab will open “Black Market Sugar” a group show featuring work by Glenn Arthur, Cate Rangel and many more.

Merry Karnowsky Gallery> will host “I’ll Hit You Up Tomorrow” featuring new works from Kill Pixie.

Thinkspace Gallery ‘Culver City INVASION’ during the 4th Annual Culver City Art Walk ‘Pop Up’ Gallery Location: 8542 Washington Blvd. (just a few doors west of Corey Helford). Work by all sorts of amazing artists as well as live painting.


Joshua Liner Gallery will host two new solo exhibitions, “Stories From the Other Side of the Bridge” by Mike Davis and “An Uncanny Lineup of Serendipitous Connections” by Heidi Taillefer. This is going to be one exciting show.

David B Smith Gallery will host “Sprout” featuring new works by Josh Keyes.