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Prints: “Sheep Amongst Wolves” by Joey Remmers

The Dorey Helford Gallery has just released a new print by Joey Remmers. Entitled “Sheep Amongst Wolves”, this print comes from a painting that will be on view in an upcoming show at the gallery opening this September. The print is 20″ x 25″ on museo portfolio rag 100% cotton paper, signed and numbered in an edition of 50.

Get it here: CHG Prints

Preview: David Stoupakis & Tom Bagshaw @ Corey Helford Gallery

Opening this Saturday, August 6th at the Corey Helford Gallery is two solo shows; “Walking Within These Shadows” by David Stoupakis and “Beautiful Imperfections” by Tom Bagshaw. This is going to be an outstanding show. Tom Bagshaw states in the release “In my first show, I had focused purely on Japanese Yokai. I wanted to continue with that exploration of folklore, ghosts and mythology, but on a much broader scale.” With these new works Tom creates a new body of work that borders between dark and playful, and continues to show that no matter what the medium a skilled artist with an intense imagination can create mind-blowing works of art. If your in the area make sure to stop by the show, it will be up until August 27th.

Corey Helford Gallery

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Coop – “Idle Hands” @ Corey Helford Gallery

On Friday July 15th, Coop opened his first solo show in the past 2 years at the Corey Helford Gallery. Entitled “Idle Hands”, this show features some new work by coop, and even some drawings as well. Some of the paintings are huge, and you can see he has been experimenting a bit more to give his work even more intensity than it already has. Arrested Motion has some photos from the opening that you can check out Here

Otherwise, see the full show on the galleries homepage:

Corey Helford – “Zero to Sixty” 5 Year Anniversary Group Show

Currently on view at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, CA is the 5th Year Anniversary Group Show featuring many of the artists that the gallery frequently showcases. Work by Korin Faught, Sas Christian, Shag, Stella Im Hultberg, Jason Shawn Alexander, Natalia Fabia, Colin Christian, Sylvia Ji, Tom Bagshaw, Gary Baseman, Amy Sol, Kent Williams, Greg Simkins, Mia, Hush, Billy Norrby, Joey Remmers, Gary Taxali, Van Arno, Brandi Milne, Scott G Brooks, David Stoupakis, Ron English, Todd Schorr, Chris Anthony, Ray Ceasar, and many more. The show is only on view for 13 days before being taken down as a new show by COOP will be opening on the 15th of July.

Corey Helford Gallery

Preview: Joshua Petker “Celluloid Constellations” @ Corey Helford Gallery

This Saturday night, June 11th at the Corey Helford Gallery, a duo show opens with the main solo show featuring new works from Nouar and a small show from Joshua Petker entitled “Celluloid Constellations”. This new exhibition features paintings inspired by the Golden Age of Hollywood. Platinum Cheese has a small interview with Joshua Petker about this show and the inspiration for it. Check out the preview images and then keep your eye on the gallery’s site for the full show.

Corey Helford Gallery

Preview: Sarah Folkman, Krista Huot and Isabel Samaras @ Corey Helford Gallery

Opening tomorrow night, May 21st at the Corey Helford Gallery, is a new how with three outstanding female artists: Sarah Folkman, Krista Huot and Isabel Samaras. All three of these artists. The show opens at 7pm, and for those that make it there early the gallery is giving away free mini prints throughout the night, all of which are limited to 150. This will be the third time that Sarah Folkman and Krista Huot show at the gallery. Isable Samaras will be bringing her amazing oil pianting skills as well with her new body of work “Heavy Gretel”, which has to be one of the best names for a show I have heard yet. From the preview images it looks like Krista will be exhibiting some of her biggest paintings yet. This looks to be a very exciting show, so if your in the area be sure to stop by or keep your eye on the website for the full show release.

Corey Helford Gallery

Sylvia Ji Prints @ Corey Helford Gallery

Sylvia Ji’s latest solo show entitled “Shapeshifter” opened at the Corey Helford Gallery this past December 11th, and two of the works in the show have now made it into prints available in the shop. “Thunderbird” is 19″ x 24″, signed and numbered in an edition of 50, and “The Bandit” is 18″ x 24″, signed and numbered in an edition of 50 as well. Make sure you check out the main galleries page to see the works in the show as well.

Corey Helford Prints

Melissa Forman and Andy Council @ Corey Helford Gallery

Opening this Saturday, November 13th at the Corey Helford Gallery, will be Melissa Forman’s first LA solo exhibition entitled “The Keeps of Creation”. This is Melissa’s largest body of work to date, and is truly breathtaking. The guest artist will be Andy Council with his new series of works” Parallel Evolution”. For the reception night, 300 sets of mini giclee prints, 4 5″ x 7″ each, will be given away to the first 300 visitors. Daily du Jour has an interview (here) with Melissa about he working process, inspirations and what she will do now that the work for this show is finished. If you have the ability to see this show in person, makes sure to stop by the gallery, you have until the beginning of December. Take a look at the preview images, along with some studio shots, and then keep your eye on the galleries website for the full show.

Corey Helford Gallery

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New drawings by Mia

Coming this Saturday, September 25th, to the Corey Helford Gallery is a show featuring new works by Korin Faught, Krista Huot, and Mia. Three very exciting artists each with a unique style, this should be a great show. Mia recently added some of the drawings that she will be showing over at her blog. The drawings range from 6.5″ x 6.5″ up to 29.25” x 22”. I like how you can see her drawing style tighten and loosen up in different areas of the drawings, but either way she has a very elegant style. Make sure to check out Mia’s blog to see more works, keep up to date with shows, and even see some sketches.

Mia Illustration Blog

Culver City Art Walk 2010

This Saturday, June 5th will be the Culver City Art Walk. Patrons will be able to walk down Washington & La Cienega Blvd and check out a whole variety of galleries. Just a few galleries that will be participating in the art walk is; Carmichael Gallery of Contemporary Art, Corey Helford Gallery, LeBasse Projects, Thinkspace Art Gallery, WWA gallery and many more. Thinkspace will be having a group show that will also feature some new works by Dave MacDowell. And since your in the area you can head over to the Hive Gallery for the B3 Video Game themed show, with Apricot Mantle as one of the featured artists.

I’ll be there for this weekend of art, and will be taking some photos. See everyone after the weekend.

Culver City Art Walk info

“Art From the New World” @ Bristol City Musuem

Curated by Jan Corey Helford, this past May 15th marked the opening of the “Art From the New World” group exhibition at the Bristol City Museum & Art Gallery. This show will run until August 22nd, but for those of us that aren’t able to see it in person, we now have some images of the art and even behind the scenes photos of the preparation and build up to opening day (see here).

Last year the Bristol City Museum featured the works of Banksy, and during the course of the exhibition over 300,000 visited the museum. Now for the “Art From the New World” show, there have been over 5,000 visitors in the first 6 days of the opening. This is not only a very exciting show, but an important one for the future of the art we love so much. Originally referred to as a scene filled with “illustrators”, this art is now gaining more momentum than ever. Museums are taking notice, and the fan-base is becoming larger than ever. There is some amazing work in this show, from artists such as Kent Williams, David Stoupakis, Joe Sorren, Brandi Milne, Buff Monster, Camille Rose Garcia, Dave Kinsey, Travis Louie, Mercedes Helnwein, Ray Ceasar, Sas Christian, Melissa Forman, Jason Shawn Alexander, Dave Cooper, Liz McGrath, Mike Stilkey, Gary Baseman, Craola, Luke Chueh, Coop, Natalia Fabia, Chris Anthony, AJ Fosik, Joe Ledbetter, Todd Schorr, Van Arno, Martin Wittfooth, Josh Agle, Lola, Sylvia Ji, Marion Peck, Mark Ryden and many more. How is that for a lineup? I really wish this show was going to travel and come to some museums here in the states. Take a look at the preview images here, and then head over for the full preview.

Art From the New World: Here and Here

“Your Ordinary Hero” print by Lola

To go along with Lola’s “Ipsum Factum” show at the Corey Helford Gallery, a limited edition print is now available. Based on the largest painting in the show, “Your Ordinary hero”, this print is 25″ x 20″ image area on 29″ x 24″ paper. Signed and numbered in an edition of 50 for $250 each. I love that the print is such a large size, as there is so much detail in the work.

Get it here: Corey Helford Gallery