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Silkscreen show poster by Coop

It’s Coop’s first silkscreen show poster since 2004, and is now available on his site for pre-order. The print will arrive the day of the show (5/29) and will ship the first week of June.
The poster is based on Coop’s self portrait painting for the show, and is his first silkscreen on black paper! The print is 36″ x 24″, signed and numbered in an edition of 250 for $75.
These will sell out fast, so head on over now and secure one.

Coop Show Poster


Preview: Coop @ Corey Helford Gallery

Coming this Friday, May 29th to the Corey Helford Gallery is the latest solo show of new works by Coop. It’s his first exhibition in past three years, and looks amazing. There is a killer feature of his new works in the latest issue of Juxtapoz (May,09). These new painting are massive, and are a mixture of painting, stencils and silk screening. The halftones look great and are mostly hand painted. Daily Du Jour has a studio visit posted on the site, really shows how big the paintings are.

For now here is a few preview images of some of the work. For the full preview, contact the gallery.

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Shows this weekend: Andrew Bell, Gary Baseman & Gag Me With A Toon

Here is the list of exhibitions that will be opening this weekend

La Luz de Jesus will open a show with new works from Lyle Motley, Miss Mindy, Lauren Gardiner and Jessica Cooper

Cave Gallery opens “Brush Fire”, a group show featuring work by Amy Botello, Chet Zar, Anthony Clarkson, Cate Rangel, Tatiana Suarez, Terri Woodward and more. The featured artist is Gene Guynn.

Rotofugi will open “Common Nonsense”, New works by Ken Keirns & Scott Tolleson

Gallery 1988 SF will be hosting “Beyond the Page”, a group show inspired by children’s books. Anne-Julie Aubrey, Casey Weldon, Catherine Brooks, Chrystal Chan, Gene Guynn, Isaac Pierro, Jason Limon, Jeff McMillan, Jonathan Bergeron, Leanne Biank, Megan Kimber, Melissa Haslam, Nicoletta Ceccoli and many more.

Definition Gallery will open “The Quantum Exhibit” featuring work by Leslie Ditto, Sylvia Ortiz, Gilbert Oh, Michael Forbes, Amy Botello, Se7en, Patrick Fatica, Luis Lorenzana, Jasmine Worth, Kelly McKernan, Kelly X & Sid Watters

Melt Gallery will open “Gag me with a Toon”. A show curated by Steven Daily and will feature work by Alex Pardee, Bob Dob, DANNI SHINYA LUO, Dan Quinata, Jim Mahfood, Jonathan Wayshak, Kevin Llewellyn, Lola, El Maz, Tara McPherson, Th Chung, Travis Louie and more.

Corey Helford Gallery. “La Noche de la Fusion” is a new solo show from Gary Baseman

Crewest will open “Canceptual [v.3]” featuring work by Dave MacDowell, Smear, Downer, Man One, Revel, Shark Toof, and many, many more

Subliminal Projects will open “Ego, Addiction & Other Bedtime Stories” featuring new works from Sam Flores

Rivert Gallery will open “It’s What’s Inside That Counts” a solo show featuring the work of Andrew Bell

Photos: Sylvia Ji @ Corey Helford Gallery

Daily Du Jour has posted some show photos of “Haute Epoch”, Sylvia Ji’s solo show at the Corey Helford Gallery. The receptions looks like it was a blast, I would have loved to see her new paintings in person.

Head on over and take a look.
Haute Epoch @ Daily Du Jour


New prints by Sylvia Ji

Ready for Sylvia Ji’s solo show “Haute Epoch”, opening up this Saturday at the Corey Helford Gallery are two new prints. Each print is on arches infinity paper, signed and numbered in editions of 50. “Buried Alive” (first) is 18″ x 27″ and “Guadalupe” (second) is 18″ x 32″. The prints will be available at the show, or you can get in touch with the gallery early by contacting them at

Corey Heford Gallery


Shows this weekend: “Run Rabbit, Run”, “Haute Epoch” & “Draw”

Here is the list of shows opening up this weekend, looks like it’s going to be one of the busy ones.

Double Punch will open “The Right Place”, a group show featuring new works by Kelly Tunstall, Scott Barry, Ryan Bubnis & Alexei Vella.

Rotofugi will host “Flower Parade”, a duo show featuring new works by Jeremiah Ketner and Julie West

Thinkspace Gallery will be opening “Run Rabbit, Run” the latest solo show of Brandi Milne. Also in the project room will be “trouble, clearly” by Cherri Wood and “BLOOD & STEEL” by Alex Garcia. I love Brandi’s new work.

Roq La Rue will be debuting two new shows, “Hiding Out” by Nathan Ota and “The Casual Calamity” by Anthony Pontius.

Gallery Nucleus opens up Grafuck 4 art exhibit and book release.

Black Maria Gallery will be opening “Spring Bazaar”, featuring new works by Juri Ueda, Jamie Fales, Julie Nishioka, Jenna Colby & Tsai-fi. One the project wall will be new works by Saratoga Sake.

Distinction Art will open “Tractus Secretum”, the latest solo exhibition of Aaron Jasinski.

Lebasse Projects will open “Future Perfect” from Tessar Lo & “Lost In Light” from Eric Fortune. The new works from Eric are amazing.

Corey Helford Gallery is opening “Haute Epoch”, the latest solo show of Sylvia Ji. Two limited edition prints will be available at the show.

Shooting Gallery will open “Draw”, a group show curated by Erik Foss and Curse Mackey and featuring work by Adam Wallacavage, Alex Grey, Ben Tolman, Bob Tyrrell, Clive Barker, Colin Christian, D*Face, Dalek, David Hochbaum, David Choong Lee, David Stoupakis, Derek Hess, Eric White, Fred Harper, Gary Baseman, Gibby Haynes, Glenn Barr, Guy Aitchison, HR Giger, Jad Fair, Jason D’Aquino, Jeff McMillan, Joey Remmers, John John Jesse, Jonathan LeVine, Jonathan Weiner, Katy Horan, Kelly Tunstall, Kevin Llewellyn, Kim Saigh, KRK Ryden/Mark Mothersbaugh, Mark Dean Veca, Michael Hussar, Mike Giant, Mike Maxwell, Paper Monster, Paul Chatem, Richard Colman, Richard Serra, Ron English, Sam Flores, Scott Campbell, Shepard Fairey and daughter Vivienne, Tara McPherson, Tim Biskup, Travis Louie, Van Arno, Vincent Castiglia and many many more.

White Walls right next door will have “Waiting For Ararat”, with new works from Caleb Neelon and Mike Shine. Then right upstairs at the Gallery Three, will be “Winner Warz” Solo Exhibit and Installation by Adam Flores

Preview: Sylvia Ji @ Corey Helford Gallery

Coming this Saturday at the Corey Helford Gallery is the latest solo show from Sylvia Ji. The show is entitled is “Haute Epoch” and features all new works by Sylvia. Some of the styles in this show will be familair to fans of her work, but there is also some newer things she is trying as well. I especially like “Red Crow” (shown first), it still has that facial decoration that she is known for, but is a new twist on it.

Corey Helford Gallery
Check out the rest of the preview.

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Photos: Chris Anthony @ Corey Helford Gallery

Daily Du Jour has some photos of the Chris Anthony solo show “Venice” that opened up at the Corey Helford Gallery this past week. The show looks great, and from what the gallery site gives impression to, each one of the photos in the show is actually part of an edition. So all of the photos in the show are c-prints that will be sold in limited edition runs of 7. The photos of the reception give you a good idea of what the photos look like all frames up.

Head on over and check out the show. Chris Anthony Pics @ Daily Du Jour


Shows this weekend: Chris Anthony and Todd Schorr

Not too many shows opening up this weekend, and they all seem to be on Saturday. So here goes:

Gallery Nucleus: The Society of Illustrators Los Angeles Illustration West 47 Exhibition will be up until April 3rd.

Corey Helford Gallery: will open Chris Anthony’s new show “Venice” at their “Special Event Location: 6086 Comey Street (off Venice / near LaBrea) / 310.287.2340″

Merry Karnowsky Gallery: will open “The World We Live In”, the latest solo show from the amazing Todd Schorr.

Preview: Chris Anthony @ Corey Helford Gallery

Coming this Saturday, March 28th to the Corey Helford Gallery is a new solo show by award winning photographer Chris Anthony entitled “Venice”. The show will feature images of a world ravaged by global warming, where a “mysterious sinking civilization is unveiled, Inhabited by aquatic survivors and enchanting lost souls”. Looking at the preview images, I am reminded of a painting by Sublime Era artist, Caspar David Friedrich. Specifically his “Monk by the Sea” piece. These photos have that same overwhelming emotional quality, you easily feel the vastness surrounding the figures.

Hit the read more link to see the rest of the preview.

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Shows this Weekend: Strange Happenings, Luke Chueh & Art of Sketch Theatre

Here is the rundown of shows this weekend:

Rotofugi will be opening “Strange Happenings”, a group show featuring new work from Kelly Vivanco, Juri Ueda and Rudy Fig. The work looks amazing, Kelly Vivanco continues to impress me.

The Corey Helford Gallery will be opening “From Light Cometh Darkness” the latest solo show from Luke Chueh. “Dirty Pretty Things” by Thoman Han will be in the loft area.

Fabric8 will host “Back in the Day”, a group show about “reminiscing on their days of old” featuring Reuben Rude, Grant Gilliland, Ursula Young, Peabe and many more.

Lebasse Projects will have “Vous Avez Ete Juste Serve”, a group show featuring new work from Tessar Lo, Yoskay Yamamoto, Nate Frizzell, Edwin Ushiro, Melissa Haslam, Ryuichi Ogino, Jason Redwood, Brian Donnelly, Eric Fortune, Amanda Visell, Scott Belcastro, Jack Long and more. I’m really looking forward to seeing what this show has to offer, so many great artists.

The Gnomon Gallery as featured a bit back, will have “The Art of Sketch Theatre”. This show is going to be killer, raw sketches from Michael Hussar, Travis Louie, Gene Guynn, Nikko Hurtado, Shawn Barber, Greg “Craola” Simkins, Chet Zar, Mari Inukai and many more will be there to gawk at. If you get pics of the show make sure to share them with me.

New prints by Natalia Fabia

The Corey Helford Gallery has decided to release two new prints from Natalia Fabia’s latest show “Hooker DreamEscape”. Both prints, “Nap” and “Pool Party” are giclee prints on Arches Infinity Fine Art Paper, signed and numbered in editions of 50. “Pool Party” is 22″ x 30″ and “Nap” is 30″ x 20″. Both paintings are quite amazing, I am glad they decided to make some prints from this show.

Contact the gallery for more info or to order a print:
Corey Helford Gallery