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ArtFusion collaborative group show @ Last Rites Gallery

On February 11th, Last Rites Gallery in New York held the first part of the ArtFusion Charity event with a live painting day, and on Feb 25th will hold the gala and charity auction. ArtFusion bring together a over 15 talented, diverse, and well known artists to create collaborative works of art which will benefit The International Children’s Art Foundation (ICAF). Work by Ana Bagayan, Angie Mason, Annie Owens, Anthony Pontius, Billy Norrby, Brian Despain, Brian Murphy, Buddy Nestor, Chris Mars, David MacDowell, David Stoupakis, Dan Harding, Ewelina, Fred Harper, Genevive Zacconi, Jason D’Aquino, Jason Levesque, Jason Limon, Jennybird Alcantara, Mia Araujo, Michael Mararian, Paul Booth, Scott G Brooks, Vincent Castiglia, and many more can be seen during this event. The gallery sent out 15 canvas panels to be sketched on, which were then in turn painted by a group of selected artists to be collaboratively painted on.
If you head to the galleries homepage you will see the finished painting, as well as the drawing that was originally made. I love collaborative works, and this show has some outstanding examples of how great they can be. For example Dave MacDowell’s “Paul Booth” drawing painted by Scott G Brooks and Mark Elliot, as well as Chris Mars’ drawing painted by Paul Booth & David Stoupakis.

Check out the rest of the works: Last Rites x ArtFusion

New prints by David Stoupakis

David Stoupakis has added two new prints to his online shop. The first The Girl Who Sat Too Long is 10″ x 14″ on archival canvas, signed and numbered in an edition of 50 for $150 each. The next print is The Red Woods which is 16″ x 16″ with an image area of 13″ x 13″ on archival paper, signed and numbered in an edition of 100 for $75 each. This painting was first seen at the Dorothy Circus Gallery back in 2009. You can see an image of the painting framed here. The print looks stunning and the frame that was originally used is perfect, should you pick this print maybe think about getting a similar frame.

Get the prints here: David Stoupakis Shop

The 13th Hour 4th Annual Group Show @ Last Rites

Just a few days before Halloween, on October 28th, Last Rites Gallery in New York opened the 4th annual group show The 13th Hour. The gallery is known for consistently showing the best in dark and surreal art, and the 13th Hour is a show that focuses on dark surrealist works from a broad variety of artists. This year the list of participating artists included: Shawn Barber, Matthew Bone, Paul Booth, Colin Christian, Sas Christian, Jason D’aquino, Tom Gabriel Fischer, HR Giger, Fred Harper, Naoto Hattori, Michael Hussar, Joka, Sarah Joncas, Aunia Kahn, Michael Mararian, Chris Mars, Annie Owens, Chris Peters, Anthony Pontius, Dan Quintana, David Stoupakis, and many more.
Aside from the outstanding dark art shows the gallery opens month after month, I love the shows that feature dark works of art from artists that rarely contribute to these types of shows, and art from those you might not have expected, such as Self Deceased XXXII by Tom Gabriel Fisher — otherwise known as Tom Warrior of Celtic Frost fame and most recently Triptykon. Eli Livingston also created a sculpture, one that seems to be able to light up from the inside. leslie Ditto also created some prints from her painting Witching Hour, that might still be available from her Facebook page. If your in the area make sure to stop by and see these works in person, you have until November 27th. Otherwise the show is now online to view.

13th Hour @ Last Rites Gallery

Preview: David Stoupakis & Tom Bagshaw @ Corey Helford Gallery

Opening this Saturday, August 6th at the Corey Helford Gallery is two solo shows; “Walking Within These Shadows” by David Stoupakis and “Beautiful Imperfections” by Tom Bagshaw. This is going to be an outstanding show. Tom Bagshaw states in the release “In my first show, I had focused purely on Japanese Yokai. I wanted to continue with that exploration of folklore, ghosts and mythology, but on a much broader scale.” With these new works Tom creates a new body of work that borders between dark and playful, and continues to show that no matter what the medium a skilled artist with an intense imagination can create mind-blowing works of art. If your in the area make sure to stop by the show, it will be up until August 27th.

Corey Helford Gallery

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Corey Helford – “Zero to Sixty” 5 Year Anniversary Group Show

Currently on view at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, CA is the 5th Year Anniversary Group Show featuring many of the artists that the gallery frequently showcases. Work by Korin Faught, Sas Christian, Shag, Stella Im Hultberg, Jason Shawn Alexander, Natalia Fabia, Colin Christian, Sylvia Ji, Tom Bagshaw, Gary Baseman, Amy Sol, Kent Williams, Greg Simkins, Mia, Hush, Billy Norrby, Joey Remmers, Gary Taxali, Van Arno, Brandi Milne, Scott G Brooks, David Stoupakis, Ron English, Todd Schorr, Chris Anthony, Ray Ceasar, and many more. The show is only on view for 13 days before being taken down as a new show by COOP will be opening on the 15th of July.

Corey Helford Gallery

“The Mad Potters Tea Party” @ Strychnin gallery

This past Friday, February 4th, Strychnin Gallery opened of the more unique shows I have seen in a while. “The Mad Potters Tea Party” features custom designed ceramics from over 100 international artists. Limited edition plates, teapots, vases, teacups and saucers created by artists such as Chris Mars, Ray Caesar, KRK Ryden, Caitlin Hackett, David Stein, Seymour, David Stoupakis, Camilla d’Errico, Kristen Ferrell, Bethany Marchman, Jason Jacenko, David Hochbaum, Saturno Buttò, Martina Secondo Russo, Ver Mar, Scott Holloway, Edith Lebeau, Brian Horton, and many more. I thought it was a great idea when some limited edition cups and saucers were released by UK’s This is Limited Edition, and most of these sets of long since sold out. The ceramics seen here at Strychnin are far more limited and unique. Chris Mars for example has created some round, plate style paintings before (featured), however I was really surprised to see how amazing his works looks on a Durham vase and Teapot. Make sure you check out this show after you look at the preview images.

Photos: 13th Hour and Creep in Day @ Last Rites Gallert

Wrapping up our exclusive coverage of the Last Rites 13th Hour exhibition and Second Annual Creep In Day, we have some killer photos courtesy of Steve Prue. The Creep In day was a chance for fans to walk in an get tattooed by Paul Booth, who currently has a 3 year waiting list, along with some live painting from many of the artists in the show, and some live entertainment. It looks like it was a blast, hopefully next year I’ll be able to see these events in person. Click the read more link for the rest of the pics.

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13th Hour @ Last Rites Gallery

The most recent incarnation of the 13th Hour group show at the Last Rites Gallery opened this past Friday, October 29th. I am told by a few of the artist that attended the reception, that all went well, and it was one of the best show yet. The full show is now online to view, and seeing how today is Halloween you might want to head on over and check out some of the art. There is some really amazing work in this show, once again Scott G Brooks creates a mind-blowing painting, and I love how Sarah Joncas created something creepy in a Hitchcock kind of way.

13th Hour 2010 @ Last Rites Gallery

Exclusive Preview: 13th Hour @ Last Rites Gallery

Coming this Friday, October 29th, the Last Rites Gallery in New York will host the third annual “13th Hour” group exhibition, just in time for Halloween. The previous two 13th Hour shows were amazing, and from the lineup of participating artists this year will be the best one yet. Starting at 7pm, fans will see work from Paul Booth, Scott G. Brooks, Caniglia, John Cebollero, David R. Choquette, Christopher Conte, Brendan Danielsson, Jason D’Aquino, Pedro De Kastro, Paul Gerrard, Fred Harper, Naoto Hattori, Charlie Immer, Sarah Joncas, Laurie Lipton, Travis Louie, Michael Mararian, Chris Mars, Richard Meyer, Chris Peters, Anthony Pontius, Pooch, Paul Rumsey, José Manuel Schmill, David Stoupakis, Brian M. Viveros, Jasmine Worth, and Chet Zar.
 The Creep Machine was able to get an exclusive preview of some of the art that will be in this exhibition, take a look and keep your eye on the galleries site for the full show.

Last Rites Gallery

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“The Traveler” poster by David Stoupakis

David Stoupakis has just released a limited edition poster. “The Traveler” is based on a painting that David had in the Art on the Edge Show at the Vered Gallery last July. The poster is 18″ x 24″ on thick cardstock, signed and numbered in an edition of 500. There is an Ebay auction with a good amount of them for sale, and it looks as though you can get the posters for only $20 +5 shipping.

Get it here: “The Traveler” poster by David Stoupakis

Preview: The Lowbrow Tarot Project @ La Luz de Jesus

The Lowbrow Tarot Project, guest curated by Aunia Kahn, won’t open until October 1st but the images are on the website now to check out and there is some pretty amazing work to be seen. 23 artists were given the opportunity to recreate the 22 cards (+back card) of the Tarot deck. The list of artists is quite impressive; Chet Zar, Christopher Ulrich, Edith Lebeau, Chris Mars, Carrie Anne Baade, Cate Rangel, Kris Kuksi, Brain Viveros, Molly Crabapple, Heather Watts, Laurie Lipton, David Stoupakis, Scott G Brooks, Daniel Martin Diaz, Danni Shinya Luo, and more. Check out the preview images below, and then over to the gallery site for the full show.

The Lowbrow Tarot Project @ La Luz de Jesus

Jason D’Aquino & Lead Poisoning @ Last Rites Gallery

This past Saturday, July 10th, two amazing shows opened at the Last Rites Gallery in New York. First a solo show of new works by Jason D’Aquino, and then a drawing group show called “Lead Poisoning”. Just a few of the artists that participated in the group show are: Esao Andrews, Carrie Anne Baade, Glenn Barr, Dave MacDowell, Scott G Brooks, Daniel Martin Diaz, Ron English, Chris Mars, Chet Zar, David Stoupakis, Eric White, Tara McPherson, and many more.

Jason D’Aquino’s show was a perfect blend of his smaller matchbook pieces, and some larger works done on various types of antiqued paper. There is also two prints available: “Plague” which is 8″ x 18″ limited to 50, and “Antique Flash Poster” at 18″ x 24″ for $40. Jason has such an amazing style. The way he draws, his characters, and the found paper that he uses really helps to create a unique and nostalgic feel. I especially like the piece “Don Post (Masks)” (shown), it reminds me of being a kid and wanting to collect every mask Don Post ever created.

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