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“High Class Lowbrow” @ Hyaena Gallery

On September 1st a group show entitled “High Class Lowbrow” opened at the Hyaena Gallery in Burbank, CA. The show is curated by Chris “The Creep” Densmore, and is inspired by the Lowbrow Art Movement. This scene – once subversive and filled with monsters and pin-up style girls – has changed over the years adapted new styles of art, younger and tamer artists, and has been referred to as anything buy “Lowbrow”. Under the surface is still a group of artists, and fans that love the gritty, often grotesque art that started it all. This show features work by Dave Burke, The Creep, Peter Adamyan, Eric Ortiz, Rick “Dienzo” Blanco, Sara Ray, Eric Pigors, and more.

Hyaena Gallery

Preview: “Biting Rainbows in Limbo” by Buddy Nestor

Opening this Friday, July 1st at the Hyaena Gallery is the latest solo show from Buddy Nestor. This new exhibition entitled “Biting Rainbows in Limbo”, will feature some more signature style portraits from Buddy, drawings, and even a few giclee prints to be had. The prints are each 7″x9.5″ matted to 11″ x 14″, signed and numbered in editions of 10. The preview of the show is now online to view so head on over and check it out, and if you can make it to the reception be sure to tell Buddy ‘hi’ for us.

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“For Those Who Slept 2″ @ Hyaena Gallery

This Saturday night, April 16th, the Hyaena Gallery opened a group show entitled “For Those Who Slept 2″, a reinterpretation of the Monsterpalooza Exhibit. I’ve always been a sucker for monster art, ever since I first saw a painting by Basil Gogos as a kid, from then I have been hooked. This group show features some killer monster art by such artists as D.W. Frydendall, James Bonner, Dan Harding, Jeff Rebner, Peter Adamyan and more. Take a look at the images below and then head on over to the site for the full show.

Hyaena Gallery

“Sideshow” by The Creep @ Hyaena Gallery

Chris “The Creep” Densmore opened his latest solo show “Sideshow” at the Hyaena Gallery this past February 16th. With this new series of works Chris hopes “to show that whether a “born-freak” or a “made-freak,” these are ultimately portraits of people, and not so different from the audience that remains fascinated with them.” It’s a great idea for a show, and while many artists use sideshow “freaks” as inspiration, few tackle the imagery with respect as Chris has done so here. The portraits are well done, and most importantly classy. John Merrick, Bill Durks, and even some great little “golden age” cartoons can be found at the show. Take a look at the Hyaena Gallery’s Facebook for some photos of the reception night (Here).

See the full show: Sideshow @ Hyeana Gallery

Mike Dubisch “Cosmic Horror, Human Vision” @ Hyaena Gallery

Opening this Saturday at the Hyaena Gallery is a solo show from Mike Dubisch entitled “Cosmic Horror, Human Vision”. This new series of works will focus on horro, mythos, and monster based art. So all of the H.P. Lovecraft fans out there should make sure to check out the art on the galleries homepage. There is some great work in this show, and they run the full gamut of sizes and prices. My favorite painting has to be “Elvis’thulhu” (shown second). There has been a lot of “mash-up” style art lately, but this has to be one of the best idea-blending pieces I have seen.

Check out the show: Mike Dubisch “Cosmic Horror, Human Vision” @ Hyaena Gallery

The Art of Stab @ Hyaena Gallery

Running from November 1st to the 15th is a group exhibition of art inspired by the Scream movies, specifically Scream 4 which will be out soon. The reception is this Saturday, November 6th from 8pm to midnight. I am not a fan of the Scream movies, but there is some great artists in this show, and the best part is that the work in this exhibition will be featured in a scene in the movie. Artwork from D.W. Frydendall, Char Hall, Dan Harding, Clint Carney, Skip Crank, Nicolas Caesar, Rick “Dienzo” Blanco, Jeremy Cross, and many more is now on view. Take a look at the preview images and then over to the site for the full show.

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“The Psycho Legacy” @ Hyaena Gallery

For just one night only, October 19th, the Hyaena Gallery hosted “The Psycho Legacy Art Exhibit”. In celebration of the dvd release of Psycho Legacy, there was a signing at Dark Delicacies with many of the people that worked on the movies, and then the party moved over to the Hyaena Gallery for some Psycho inspired art. Jeremy Cross, Clint Carney, Chuck Hodi, Char Hall, and Strephon Taylor were just a few of the names that participated in this one night event. There is some great work in the show, but for me the standout piece is “The House that Death Built” by Char Hall (below). Great layout, beautifully executed, and is one of those paintings that would make an art lover happy that never even saw the movies.

Check out the full show here: Psycho Legacy @ Hyaena Gallery

“Oil & Fire” with Dan Harding and David Richardson

Opening this Saturday, October 2nd, at the Hyaena Gallery is a duo show entitled “Oil & Fire” and will feature the work of Dan Harding and David Richardson. As i’m sure you’ve seen on this site countless times, Dan creates amazing oil paintings, and to compliment those will be the sculptural work of David Richardson. There is some really killer new works from Dan, such as the “seasons” series he did painting representations of summer, spring, fall, and winter. There is also a work created by each artist entitled “Oil & Fire” that will be put up on the site this Saturday some time. Take a look at the preview images, and then check out the show if you can.

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“Creeping Beauty” @ Hyaena Gallery

Opening this Saturday, September 18th at the Hyaena Gallery in Los Angeles is a duo show featuring new works and collaborations by Rick ‘Dienzo’ Blanco and Eric “Toxic Toons” Pigors. The reception starts at 8pm and goes until midnight. If your in the area, make sure you stop by. Dienzo sent over a few preview images of the works that will be in the show, take a look and then keep your eye fixed on the galleries site for the full show to be online.

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Gris Grimly @ Hyaena Gallery

Opening this Saturday, February 20th at the Hyaena Gallery is an exhibition of work from Gris Grimly. The show features designs created for t-shirts, so the bulk of the work is ink on paper with just one piece having color to it. Gris has an amazing style and these works really showcase how dynamic and energetic his drawing style really is.

Head on over and take a look at the full show: Gris Grimly @ Hyaena Gallery

“Kill Your Idols” group show @ Hyaena Gallery

First mentioned here, the Hyaena Gallery in Burbank has a new group show that will be opening December 19th entitled “Kill Your Idols”. The show is centered around artists pushing past those, that inspired them to create art in the first place. I think it’s a great idea, while it is a good idea to have some strong influences being able to move away from them and carve a niche for yourself is the ultimate goal. The list of artists features work by Dan Harding, Peter Adamyan, Tatomir, Chris “The Creep” Densmore, Spinestealer, Rick “Dienzo” Blanco and more. The show is online to view as of the 15th. The standout pieces for me are the ones by Dan Harding, Dienzo and Peter Adamyan (all shown).

It’s an amazing show, make sure you head over to the site and check out all the work:
Kill Your Idols @ Hyaena Gallery


Originals: “Icy Bastard” & “Bones” by Dan Harding

Dan Harding has two new paintings for sale over at the Hyaena Gallery. Dan just keeps churning out amazing artwork, the blue is the first piece “Icy Bastard” is intense. Head on over and take a look. The first is “Icy Bastard”, oil on canvas, 11″ x 14″ framed. Next is “Bones”, oil on canvas 8″ x 10″ framed.

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