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“ESL” by James Jean

James Jean has just released an image of his latest painting. Entitled ESL, this 18″ x 24″ oil and pumice on wood panel painting, is currently on view at the Ivory and Black Gallery in London. The texture/glare in the image is the pumice used in the painting; it would be great to see this in person to really get a good idea of the mood created with all of that texture.

“Coral Hound” print by James Jean

Currently available from the Martha Otero Gallery is a new limited edition print from James Jean. “Coral Hound” was first shown at the Hong Kong Art Fair from May 26-29th. The original was made with color pencil, graphite, acrylics, and digital and was 30″ x40″ on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper with Genuine Palladium Leaf. The print is 44″ x 34″, with an image size roughly the same as the original work. It is signed and numbered in an edition of only 10. If there are any prints left, you can contact the gallery at

“Bows” by James Jean

James Jean has just added a couple of new prints to his online shop, “Lotus War Day”, now sold out, and “Lotus War Night”. Both of which are from his most recent show at the Martha Otero Gallery (featured). The main purpose of this post however is simply to share some new art that he has created. “Bows” was painted for a friend’s birthday, how lucky is that?, and is acrylic on wood panel 12″ x 12″. I know it’s hard to judge when looking at images on the internet, but had he not stated this was painted with acrylic, I would have guessed oils. This just goes to show you how a skilled artist can use any material to create a painting that absolutely glows.

James Jean Blog

James Jean – “Rebus” @ Martha Otero Gallery

James Jean’s first Los Angeles solo show “Rebus” opened this past weekend on March 12th at the Martha Otero Gallery in West Hollywood. The show features new paintings, sculptures, limited edition scarves, drawings, and sketchbook layouts. If your a fan of James’ work you have no doubt been following the stream of teaser images that have been popping up on various sites while this show drew closer. I often wish I was able to visit every show that caught my eye, but this has to be one of the shows I am truly going to regret not seeing in person. I cannot rave enough about how exciting his work has become in the past few years. The scale, color palettes, and the brushwork of these paintings just keep getting better and better. Giant Robot and Brandon Shigeta have photos from the reception, which really help to see the scale of some of the works.

Martha Otero Gallery

“The Black Parade” print by James Jean

James Jean has just added a new open edition print to his online shop. “The Black Parade” was first created for an MCR album cover, which explains the format of the print. This uniquely sized print is 10″ x 40.6″ on 17″ x 41″ Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper, signed and embossed. Thanks to for the heads up. Click the image for a larger version, a must for all that detail.

James Jean “Black Parade”

“Liber Novus” print by James Jean

Usually Mondays are pretty slow when it comes to new prints, art shows, and so on. This Monday however bring a new limited edition print by James Jean. “Liber Novus” was painted for Jean’s show at the Japanese American National Museum, and is now available in a 17″ x 22″ print on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper & Palladium Leaf. The print is signed and numbered in an edition of 50 for $200 each.

Get it here:

New work by James Jean

James Jean has just released a new painting, entitled “Tiger”, that is one of many new paintings that will be exhibited at his upcoming solo show at Martha Otero in downtown Los Angeles March 12th through April 23rd. Along with this new large scale painting, 6 yet to be revealed large scale painting will also be on view. “Tiger” is a massive 104″ x 60″ and is comprised of acrylic, oils, and pastels on two canvases. The painting look outstanding, and James has put some detail shots on his blog so you can really see the texture.

James Jean Blog

New work by James Jean

James Jean just added some new work to his blog. This latest series is called “Stills”, and just from looking it at the paintings, you get the idea that they are most likely stills from some classic movies. Honestly it doesn’t matter what James Jean paints, it could be people eating at a fast food restaurant and it would still look amazing. The color palettes each painting has, and the energetic, slightly sloppy way he has applied the paint, really helps make these works something to stare at for hours. Could the colors mean something? I’m sure if you look at the faces in each work, thinking about the colors meaning cold, passion, and jealousy, it would make sense but no way to tell if Jean meant for it to be that way.

Check out the rest of his work: James Jean

“Tango” Limited edition print by James Jean

James Jean has just released a new print to his online shop. “Tango” was originally from a painting that was shown at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. The print is a generous 28″ x 44″ on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper, signed, numbered, and embossed in an edition of 50. I don’t imagine these will be around for long.

Get it here: James Jean Store

Preview: “Hi-Fructose Collected 2″ Box Set

Hi Fructose have just released the news about the second installment in the “Hi Fructose Collected” box sets. This 300+page hardcover book will feature the best work from issues 5-8. There is a special intro by Long Gone John, interviews and more. The deluxe version of the set will include “A Special 2’x2’ Fold-Out Poster by Jason Freeny, Specially Designed Sticker Pages from Travis Lampe, Gary Baseman, & Ferris Plock. 5 Special Edition Prints from: Travis Louie, Audrey Kawasaki, Edwin Ushiro, Mars-1 and Yoko d’Holbachie packaged in a beautiful print portfolio with vellum artist and title pages between each print.” All this will be placed into a ribbon tied hard case.
The set will be available on June 1st, so don’t wait the last one sold out pretty fast.

Check the site for the full preview: “Hi-Fructose Collected 2″ Box Set

“Flora” print by James Jean

The ever talented James Jean has added a new limited edition print to his online shop. “Flora” is an image out right out of ones of James’ sketchbooks. Form what I have seen he sketches into those Moleskine books, and uses this amazing pen called the SKB-1000 ( at least that’s what certain art forums say). The print features two pages of sketches, all of which are various flora with some figurative elements thrown in. The print is 9.5″ x 12″ on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper, signed, numbered, and embossed in an edition of 100 for $65 each.

Get it here: James Jean Online Shop

Ennio Morricone concert print by James Jean

This past April 10th, composer Ennio Morricone famous for such soundtracks as “The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly”, “The Untouchables” and many more played a concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The always exciting James Jean has made a poster for this event. Not quite sure the exact size of this giclee print, but it does say that the edition is limited to 250 and only 200 are available for sale. If interested, make sure you head on over to the site to get on the list.

Ennio Morricone Print by James Jean