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Halloween 2012 Group Feature

First off, I apologize for the delay in postings the past few weeks. I am still here, and still determined to keep this site going for as long as I can. Work has been a little too hectic lately, but i’m working on getting back to posting more. So, with a bit of a delay, here is this years Halloween feature. Art from Jason Edmiston, Travis Louie, Dan Harding, Ego, Scarecrowoven, Ken Garduno, Jackie Gallagher, Tom Haubrick, Matthew Bone, Chris Mars, Jacob Bannon, Darwin Enriquez, Matt Buck, Patrick Fatica, Tom Bagshaw, Chet Zar, Apricot Mantle, Brian Smith, James Groman, and Fernando Carpaneda. Click on The Bride for the full feature.

Crazy 4 Cult: New York

The sixth annual Crazy 4 Cult group show opened this past week; the big change is that this time around it is in New York. There is a new lineup of artists with a good mix of new and returning favorites. Looking around the net there are stories of the long lines, people camping out to see the show, and an overall amazing night of art and cult movie entertainment. Just a handful of the artists that graced the show this year are Aaron Jasinksi, Allison Sommers, Casey Weldon, Cate Rangel, Chris B Murray, Dabs Myla, Fred Harper, Jason Edmiston, Lora Zombie, Sam Wolfe Connelly, and Travis Louie.

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Prints: “Monsters of Rock” by Jason Edmiston

Last week I posted the new Monsters of Rock paintings Jason Edmiston has on view at the Phone Booth Gallery. As stated in that post, the six “Monsters of Rock” images are now available as limited edition prints from the gallery. Each print is 13″ x 16.75″ on fine art paper, signed and numbered in editions of 100 for $40 each. You can aslo get a package deal with all six prints and have matching numbers (while supplies last).

Get em here: Phone Booth Gallery Prints

Jason Edmiston’s “Monsters of Rock” @ Phone Booth Gallery

Just a few days ago on April 14th, the Phone Booth Gallery in Long Beach, CA opened a three person show entitled Rock Paper Sinners featuring the work of Jason Edmiston, Ryan Milner, and Joe King. For this show Jason Edmiston added three new Monsters of Rock to the lineup he started at the Crazy Monsters Show (featured) this past May. The new paintings feature rock monsters of Billy Idol, Angus Young, and Dee Snider. Jason also has drawings of all six monsters on view as well. I may have heard that new prints based on the new monsters will be coming soon. Take a look at all of the Monsters of Rock here, and then over to the gallery for the full show.

Phone Booth Gallery

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Prints: “Planet of the Apes” by Jason Edmiston

Jason Edmiston added a new print to his online shop, this new one is based on the Planet of the Apes. I haven’t seen the new movie yet, but have heard some good things. The print entitled “Planet of the Apes: Trophies”, is 13″ x 19″ signed and numbered in an edition of 100. As stated by Jason “This painting is inspired by the scene at the beginning of the first Apes movie. Gorilla soldiers are standing posing for a photo after the great human hunt. This is the view from the photographer’s perspective.”

Get it here: Jason Edmiston Etsy

New Work by Jason Edmiston

While I was running around this past weekend trying to see all the shows I could, the Toy Toyko Underground Gallery in NYC opened “The Crazy Monsters” art show on May 6th. This group show featured work by Jason Edmiston, Stephen Blickenstaff, Brian Ewing, Gary Pullin, Justin Erickson, Frank Russo, and many more. This is the kind of art that really got me hooked on this contemporary art scene, and I am happy to see that there is still a few artists creating monster works such as these. Jason Edmiston created three acrylic paintings that are out of this world. “Joey”, “Axl”, and “Tommy” are all monster versions of these well known musicians. The colors are so vibrant and intense, I would love to have seen these in person, the whole show honestly. Jason has some photos over on his Flickr site of the reception, and in one of those photos you’ll see John Cebollero. Maybe the two will work on a collaboration painting soon?

Crazy Monster Show on Flickr

Vincent Price 100th Anniversary prints @ Phantom City Creative

Vincent Price is one of the most recognizable icons in horror movie history, his voice alone was able to give you the chills. Phantom City Creative is celebrating the 100th anniversary of this phenomenal actor by releasing three limited edition prints. “House on Haunted Hill” by Jason Edmiston, “Last Man on Earth” by Gary Pullin, and “The Bat” by Justin Erickson. Each print is 11″ x 17″ on sundance felt tex 80lbs paper, signed and numbered by the artist in editions of 113 for $30 each.

Check em out: Phantom City Creative

Stages: The Art and Process of Jason Edmiston Book

Jason Edmiston (featured) has just released a collectible book to his online shop. “Stages: The Art and Process of Jason Edmiston”, not only features some of Jason’s best works in striking detail and color, but each painting is also broken down into the steps he takes to create each one of these works, and a little bit of info on each one. It’s a great look into this artists working process, and the interview done here with Jason is also published in the book. The book is 8″ x 10″, 32 full color pages, and signed in an edition of 1000.

Check it out: Jason Edmiston Etsy

“The Grinch” print by Jason Edmiston

The next few days I’m going to take a break from posts to spend time with family. Hope everyone has a fun, and safe holiday break. In the spirit of the holidays, Jason Edmiston has just released a limited edition print of “The Grinch”. The print is 1″ x 19″, signed and numbered in an edition of 100. I would love to see Jason create a Scrooge painting as well, maybe next year perhaps?

Get it here: Jason Edmiston Shop

Vincent Price, Famous Monsters cover by Jason Edmiston

Jason Edmiston, previously featured and interviewed, has created the latest cover for Famous Monsters Magazine issue number 254. This issue marks over 50 years of this monster magazine being published, and what better icon to have on the cover than Vincent Price? Below is the painting without all the text on it, not sure whether or not Jason will be releasing this image as a print or not. Either way, you can pre-order the magazine now.

Famous Monsters Jason Edmiston Cover

Interview: Jason Edmiston

For this months, slightly late double feature, I was able to get an interview with Canadian illustrator Jason Edmiston. There is also a nice gallery featuring 20 images of his work, so make sure you check that out after reading the interview.

CM: Can you tell us a bit how you got started in art, did you go to any art school for your training?

Jason: Not sure how far you want me to go back, but I actually knew I was going to be an artist for a living since I was a child. I never thought I would do anything else, and luckily it worked out. I had regular public school and high school art classes, but after that I went to the Ontario College of Art (now called OCAD because of an increased design department). It was a four year program, where the first year focused on foundations of art, and you specialized in an area over the next three years. I went into Communication and Design with a focus on illustration. Although school was a good way to get exposed to and prepared for the life of a working artist, I felt that I still needed to tighten my portfolio to get regular paying gigs. After college, I continued to teach myself through trial and error practice, and by pouring over my large library of art books.
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Featured Artsist for August: Jason Edmiston

So a little bit late on this one, but the Featured Artist for August is now ready. Continuing the past few features of an interview and gallery, Jason Edmiston was kind of enough to answer some questions, and share some art. I would like to thank last month’s double feature artist, Joe Scarano. So head on over and check out the featured artists are for his work, and of course his interview in the archives.

Jason Edmiston Double Feature