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Preview: “Dig For Fire” group show @ Cave Gallery

Opening this Friday, September 9th is a new group show from Cave Gallery entitled “Dig For Fire”. The show features art from an impressive list of artists all drawing inspiration from The Pixies. Work from Allison Sommers, Annie Owens, Ben Kehoe, Casey Weldon, Chris Berens, Chris Mars, Craww, Eatcho, Jennybird Alcantra, Kathleen Lolley, Luke Chueh, Macsorro, Ojimbo (featured), Robert Hardgrave, Shaunna Peterson, Tom Haubrick, and more. If your in the area make sure to stop by, the show is up until October 8th. This is a good chance to see some amazing work in person, such as the submissions by Allison Sommers, Chris Berens, and Ojimbo all seen below.

Cave Gallery

Shows this weekend: Josh Keyes, Bob Dob & The Blab! Show

Here is the rundown of art shows that will be opening up this weekend.

Swarm Gallery will host an exhibition of new works by Josh Keyes.

Perihilion Arts will open “Black Eyed Mouseketeers”, a new series of paintings by Bob Dob. The show is online and looks great.

Cave Gallery will open “Outside my Window”, a group show featuring art by Liz Brizzi, Adam Flores, Max Kauffman and more.

La Luz de Jesus is opening its four shows, as mentioned in an earlier post, with new art from Scott Holloway, Jessica Dalva, Misato Otake & Jasmine Worth.

Varnish Art will be having its last show at the current location, and will end it all with a new solo show entitled “ThankYouGoodbye” with works from Michael Page.

Strychnin Gallery will host “The Red Thread”, which features work by Jennybird Alcantra, Bethany Marchman and Edith Lebeau, who was a featured artist on the Creep Machine. Congrats Edith!

Copro Gallery will open “The Blab! Show” featuring new paintings by Joe Sorren, Andy Kehoe, Alex Gross, Jeff Soto, Femke Hiemstra, Shag, Kris Kuksi, Ryan Heshka, Martin Wittfooth, XNO, Travis Lampe, Owen Smith, Kathleen Lolley, Natalia Fabia, Andrew Brandou, Gary Taxali and more

Disctinction Art will open “Scientific Evolution”, with new artwork from Dan Lyderson, Sean Christopher, Jasmine Worth, Gene Guynn, Christian Van Minnen, Dave MacDowell and more. 10% of proceeds to benefit stem cell research.

Shows this weekend: Lush Life, Southern, Travis Louie & Into the Woodz

Here is the rundown of the shows that will be taking place this weekend.

Eclectix Gallery will open “All Gurlz” show featuring more than thirty female artists

Halogen Gallery previously Suite 100, has a show featuring new work by Kendra Binney, Rudy Fig and Jeremiah Ketner

Thinkspace Gallery will open “…Away From The Things Of Man” by Kathleen Lolley, “A Brief History” by Allison Sommers and in the project room “Inner Myth Pt. 1″ by João Ruas

Roq la rue will open “Lush Life”, a group show featuring work by Joe Sorren, Chris Berens, Chris Conn Askew, Mia Araujo,, Melissa Forman, Travis Louie, Madeline Von Foerster, Martin Wittfooth, Kukula, Ryan Heshka, John Brophy, Tin, Brian Despain, Glenn Barr, Dan Quintana, Femke Hiemstra, Laurie Hogin, Lisa Petrucci
& Andrew Arconti.

Hyaena Gallery has a one night event, Albrecht Durer and his ” “The Monstrous Sow
of Landser (1496)” engraving for sale. There will also be work by Chris “The Creep” Densmore, Clint Carney, Dan Harding, Alex Pardee, Erick De La Vega, .W. Frydendall, Delphia, Chuck Hodi and many more. The show is only night and is online, so check it out now.

Congregation Gallery is opening “Voodoo, Hoodoo, and Santeria: The Art of Conjure Black Carpet Arrivals” with new work from D. W. Frydendall, Christopher Ulrich, Munk One, Evil Paul, Eli Livingston, 13:11, Cate Rangel, Shawn Du Val Humiston, Glenda Rolie, Lloyd Mattews, Gene Guynn, Patrick Segui, David Cook, Sarah Hestal, Tiffany Garcia, Elizabeth Caffey, George De La Santos, Cam Rackam, Erick De La Vega, Skullmaster, Kevin Klemm, Steve Rodgers, Nicholas Caesar, Tatomir, Jim Parchen, RT Vegas, Dean Karr, Alina Stempa, Dave Rose, Romesh Mccullough, Tom Zimmerman, Renato Ruiz, Skip Crank, Jeremy Cross Voodoo Tarot Readings Cuban Cigar Roller Personal Voodoo Doll Maker

The Parlour Gallery at Halloween Town will open the Edgar Allan Poe group art show, with some work from Dan Harding, Eric Pigors, Gris Grimly, Zombienose and more.

Last Rites Gallery will open “Southern” a duo show with new work from Brian Viveros and Matthew Bone.

Lebasse Projects will open “Hello and Goodbye” by Yoskay Yamamoto and “Wild Fields” by Melissa Haslam

Shooting Gallery SF will open “Into The Woodz” a new solo show from Isabel Samaras. Then at the Gallery Three “Fantastic in the Sack” New Works By Dustin Olson

Copro Gallery will have “Strange Grooming Habits” by Travis Louie and “Sentimental” by Kathie Olivas

Shows this weekend: Way of all Flesh, & Menace & Charm

Here is the roundup of some of the shows that will be opening up, or having their reception this weekend.

Lorri-Marie Jenkins will have her solo show at the Eclectix Gallery in El Cerrito. The show will feature some collage and found art. If you can stop by. Eclectix Gallery

Opening on Friday the 25th is a solo show of Roland Tamayo at the Gallery 1988 in SF. There will be paintings, drawings & prints there. Gallery 1988 SF

Also opening this Friday at the Space Gallery is a two person show “The Way of All Flesh”. It will feature art by Jesse Balmer & Ryan “Deli” De La Hoz. Both artists were in the B movie show, they made some killer art and I would love to see this show. There will be a photo collaboration, visual display and “Planets” will play at 9pm. Head on over if you can. Space Gallery SF

“Unfolding Nature” is a group show opening up this Friday as well at the Grind Gallery in L.A. The show will feature work by: Catherine Brooks, Francisco Enciso, Jim Darling and many others. Grind Gallery

“Menace & Charm: The Nostalgia Of Childhood” is a group show opening this Saturday at the Black Maria Gallery. The show “explores the dark and innocent cognitions of childhood.” It will feature work by: Jaime Zollars, Kathleen Lolley, Alex Noriega, Matt Burlingame, P. Williams, Leanne Biank, Juri Ueda, Aaron Hitchcock and CJ Metzger. This is a really killer idea for a show, wish I would have thought of it. The show is also online to view. Black Maria Gallery

“Vanity Bonfire” is a solo show of Sean Christopher opening this Saturday at the Corey Helford Gallery. This is Sean’s first solo show in Los Angeles. Check it out here: Corey Helford Gallery

Finally the Cannibal Flower gallery has a huge group show. The featured artist is Jose Carabes, there will also be living painting, music and performances. You can also see art by: Brandi Read, Bill McEvoy, Chris Peters and many more. Check it out: Cannibal Flower