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“Linearity” group show @ Mint Gallery

One June 9th, the Mint Gallery in Atlanta, Georgia, opened Linearity, a group show featuring 25 artists working in a variety of mediums all on paper. The show was curated by artist Kelly McKernan, and is now on available to view on the web. There is some great work in this show, a few pieces were very surprising such as Nobody Lives Forever by Megan Frauenhoffer (shown first). This mixed-drawing has the same figurative style Megan is known for, but its a new style overall and looks amazing. Take a look at the preview images below, from Megan Frauenhoffer, Kelly McKernan, Kaspian Shore, and Gene Guynn, and then head over to the rest of the works.

“Linearity” group show @ Mint Gallery

Prisma Artist Collective

Back in October 2011, a small group of artists had the idea to create a collective online. The internet is a great place to get your work out there, but I have often heard from artists that a place to swap ideas, share stories, converse, and even help each other out is lacking. So this group of artists started the Prisma Collective, and now there is already over 25 active members: Mary Jane Ansell, Tom Bagshaw, Lindsay Carr, Hsiao-Ron Cheng, Leontine Greenberg, Nicole Gustafsson, Caitlin Hackett, Daria Hlazatova, Ruben Ireland (shown), Sarah Joncas, Nom Kinnear King, Alex Louisa, Rod Luff, Kit Lane, Jen Mann, Kelly McKernan, Lady Orlando, Lily Piri, Audrey Pongracz, Michael Shapcott, Kaspian Shore, Allison Sommers, Kelly Vivanco, Casey Weldon, and Bec Winnel. The site is very well laid out, easy to navigate and is ready to go with the content. Each artists has their own profile and gallery, a shop section filled with prints and originals, and a list of interviews with the artists that will be published soon.

Check it out: Prisma Collective

Garbage Pail Kids @ Gallery 1988

On September 2nd, Gallery 1988 in Melrose opened a new themed group show, this one with work inspired by the Garbage Pail Kids. I remember when the collectors cards first came out in 1985, and kids went insane for them. The biggest draw for me was the art, and it’s the one thing that made the concept of this show exciting. There is a huge amount of work available in a variety of mediums, as well as limited edition prints. It was great to see what each of these artists would bring to show; would they make a painting styled like the classic cards, or opt to make something new and unique in design. There is a good mixture of both, and I am happy to see works styled like the cards and some that are not. It helps to break up what could have become too much. There is some amazing work in this show, seen below are some paintings by Allison Reimold, Dave MacDowell, N.C. Winters, and some killer prints available from Rhys Cooper. Take a look at the preview images and then over to the website for the full show.

Gallery 1988

Artists Help Japan Auction, Original Ema artwork

Currently and Ema art auction to help the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Fund is going on. Artists from all over have created paintings on “Ema”, which are traditional small Japanese wooden tablets left at shrines with an image on one side, and a wish or a prayer on the other. Kelly Vivanco, Allison Sommers, Amy Crehore, Lilly Piri, Yoskay Yamamoto, Amy Huddleston, Daniel Lim, and more have all created tiny paintings with 100% of the proceeds going to Give2Asia.

Artists Help Japan Auction

“The Road to Shermer: A Tribute to John Hughes” @ Gallery 1988

Gallery 1988 in Venice opened a new group show this past Friday, February 11th. “The Road to Shermer: A Tribute to John Hughes” features original art and prints from an impressive list of artists, and will be run until March 4th. All of your favorite John Hughes movies have been reinterpreted by such artists as Aaron Jasinski, Audrey Pongracz, Augie Pagan, Ben Walker, Brandon Sopinsky, Chris Tezber, Dave MacDowell, Israel Sanchez, Jesse Riggle, Kelly Vivanco, Kevin Tong, Munk One, N.C. Winters, Nicole Guice, Rich Pellegrino, and many more. I’m not the biggest fan of theme shows like this, but this is a good one. There is so much material to work from when it comes to Hughes’ movies, and these artists did a killer job. I really like what Aaron Jasinski, Rich Pellegrino, N.C. Winters, and of course Dave MacDowell who has been using Hughes and inspiration for years. The prints also look great, Derek Deal created an amazing Planes, Trains, and Automobiles print.

Gallery 1988

Thinkspace Gallery 5 Year Anniversary Show

The always impressive Thinkspace Gallery will open it’s 5 Year Anniversary Show this Saturday, November 6th from 7-10pm. The exhibition will be on view up to November 27th and will feature work by Aaron Nagel, Amy Sol, Allison Sommers, Ana Bagayan, Andrew Offerman, Andrew Hem, Andy Kehoe, Anthony Clarkson, Audrey Kawasaki, Brett Amory, Brian Viveros, Caia Koopman, Camilla d’Errico, Chet Zar, Craig “Skibs” Barker, Dabs Myla, David Bray, David MacDowell, Derek Gores, Ekundayo, Emma Tooth, Esao Andrews, Fernando Chamarelli, Gaia, Jacub Gagnon, Jeff Ramirez, Jen Lobo, Joao Ruas, Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez, Joshua Petker, Kelly Vivanco, Kevin Titzer, KuKula, Lindsey Carr ,Linnea Strid, Liz Brizzi, Natalia Fabia, Nathan DeYoung, Pakayla Rae Biehn, Pedro Matos, Sarah Joncas, Scott Radke, Stella Im Hultberg, Sylvia Ji, Timothy Karpinski, Tony Philippou, Tran Nguyen, Yosuke Ueno, and an an installation by Johnny “KMNDZ” Rodriguez. For the past week the Thinkspace Blog, Sour Harvest, has been posting some mini interviews with some of the artists in this show. The show is online now to view, and is every bit as impressive as an anniversary show should be.

Thinkspace Gallery 5 Year Anniversary Show

Preview: “The Next Generation” @ the London Miles Gallery

Opening this Friday, June 11th at the London Miles Gallery is a group show curated by Andrew Hosner (Thinkspace) entitled “The Next Generation: A New Chapter in Contemporary Art.” The show will feature work by many of the rising stars in what is being called the New Contemporary Movement. All of the works from the show are 12″ x 12″, and just a few names found in this show are: Aaron Nagel, Allison Sommers, Amy Sol, Andy Kehoe, Audrey Kawasaki, Caia Koopman, Chris Murray, Dave MacDowell, Kelly Vivanco, Linnea Strid, Mari Inukai, Sarah Joncas, Stella Im Hultberg, Nathan DeYoung and many more. The full show should be online this coming weekend, and for those fans that can see the show in person it will run until July 4th.

“The Next Generation” @ the London Miles Gallery

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Preview: “A Cry For Help” Benefit Show @Thinkspace Gallery

Thinkspace Gallery will open “A Cry For Help” benefit show this coming Friday, January 8th. The show is presented by Born Free USA, whom along with the Animal Protection Institute helped Thinkspace with the “Fight For Flight” exhibition back in 2008. The theme for this years show is animals, endangered as well as thriving species, and supporting the ethical treatment of animals and making sure current and future generations understand about habitat loss and how important animals are for all of us.

20% of the proceeds of the sales will go to Born Free and A.P.I, as well as 100% of the proceeds from the limited editions that will be released the night of the reception. A great cause with some amazing art. What a perfect way to start out 2010. The list of participating artists is nothing short of spectacular. Paintings from such artists as Allison Sommers, Amy Sol, Andrew Hem, Andy Kehoe, Buff Monster, Catherine Brooks (Featured), Charlie Immer, Chet Zar (Interviewed, 2), Dan May, David MacDowell, Fred Harper, Heiko Müller, Jennybird Alcantara, Joao Ruas, Kelly Vivanco (Interviewed), Luke Kopycinski (Featured), Martin Wittfooth, Nimit Malavia, Rory Kurtz, Sarah Joncas (Interviewed), Scott G. Brooks, Tran Nguyen, Travis Louie, Van Arno and many more will be on view. If you are in the area there is no reason to miss this show, there is just too much good work to pass up seeing it all in person. Here is a small preview of works, keep your eyes open for the full list of art to show up on the galleries site.

Thinkspace Gallery

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Kelly Vivanco launches online store + “Rabbit Ears” print

Kelly Vivanco has just added an online store to her website. This new shop is filled with original paintings, cases with prints on them and some limited edition prints. One of the newest prints to be added to the shop is the “Rabbit Ears” print (shown). This pre-order print is 15″ x 10″, signed and numbered in an edition of 75. The print will ship December 3rd, so its’ just in time for any holiday gifts you might be looking for.

Check out the shop here: Kelly Vivanco Online Shop


Juxtapoz Art and Culture Magazine Auction

Juxtapoz i Magazine is currently having an auction, in which all of the proceeds will go to benefit the Power House Project of Detroit. There are over 100 artists involved in this action, and you can find originals from such artists as: Robert Williams, Josh Keyes, Ed Roth, Chris Mars, Brandi Milne, Shawn Barber, Chet Zar, Joshua Petker, David MacDowell, Paul Chatem, Sarah Joncas, Kelly Vivanco and many more. It looks like the auctions close November 20th. Upper Playground in Los Angeles will have an exhibitions with the work on November 14th.

Head on over and see all the work: Juxtapoz Art and Culture Magazine Auction


Shows this Weekend: David HochBaum, Kelly Vivanco & October Shadows

Here is the weekly rundown of art shows that will be taking opening up.

Thinkspace Gallery will have three shows opening, “Farewell Avery” from Esao Andrews, “Mary In BronxZooLand” from Tony Philippou and in the project room will be Tempo Momento” from Joshua Mays

Halogen Gallery will open the last solo show from Kelly Vivanco for the next year, the show is selling out fast

Roq la Rue will have new works from Ana Bagayan and Ryan Heshka

Strychnin Gallery will open “Garden Of The Dispossessed” with all new works from David Hochbaum

101 Exhibit will host “Insomious” featuring new works from Jason Shawn Alexander

Gallery Nucleus will open “October Shadows” (presented by Nucleus and Creature Features) featuring work by Cam De Leon, Chet Zar, Gris Grimly, Jordu Schell, Miles Teves, Travis Louie, William Basso and more

The Beyond Eden Art Fair will be starting up. This is a multi-gallery event, if your in the area this is one event not to miss.

Billy Shire Fine Art will open “Hubris” featuring new works by Frank Kozik

Shooting Gallery will open a show with works from C3, Kmndz & Akira. Right next door at White Walls will be the “The Stencil Show” with art from Chris Stain, Adam 5100, Tes One, Ernesto Yerena, Casey Gray and David Soukup

Distinction Art will open “Striptease”, with art from Brian Viveros, Angelique Houtkamp, N.C. Winters, Molly Crabapple, Saratoga Sake and more

Preview” Kelly Vivanco @ Halogen Gallery

Opening this Friday, October 9th at the Halogen Gallery in Seattle is a new solo show from Kelly Vivanco. This is going to be her final show for a year or more as she will be preparing for her next solo show at Thinkspace. Most of the work in this new show has water as one of the main elements; Either water is present in the painting, or in the case of her “porthole” style paintings the design is inspired by the sea. One of the things I love about this new show, is that along with all of the new paintings, which happen to be round, she also created a wooden, 3-dimensional houseboat. I hope this is something that she does more of, her style as well as the color palette she used fits this type of work perfectly.

Head on over for a full preview after these few images: Kelly Vivanco @ Halogen Gallery