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Preview: Laurie Lipton: The Carnival Of Death @ Last Rites

On October 1st, Last Rites Gallery in New York will be opening the latest solo exhibition from Laurie Lipton. Entitled The Carnival Of Death, this now show features 19 graphite drawings, and on October 2nd from 4 – 6 PM, the gallery will host Looking Lightly On Death, an art discussion and book signing. Laurie will go over her new show, drawing techniques, and thoughts on the afterlife all while patrons enjoy some tea and prepare questions for the artist. She will also be signing copies of her book Extraordinary Drawings, which will be available at the gallery. I’ve only been able to see Laurie’s work in person a few times, but I can assure you that it is work the trip. It’s not often you get to see graphite works of this scale and precision; the content alone makes this is a must see show.

Last Rites Gallery

Photos: Sarah Joncas & Anthony Pontius @ Last Rites Gallery

he duo show of Sarah Joncas and Anthony Pontius opened at Last Rites over a week ago. The gallery now has some photos of the reception with both artists in attendance. Looks like there was some live painting going on. The photos look amazing and really help fans to “virtually” check out the show. make sure you check out the galleries event page as well.

Check em out: Last Rites on Flickr

Sarah Joncas

13th Hour @ Last Rites Gallery

The most recent incarnation of the 13th Hour group show at the Last Rites Gallery opened this past Friday, October 29th. I am told by a few of the artist that attended the reception, that all went well, and it was one of the best show yet. The full show is now online to view, and seeing how today is Halloween you might want to head on over and check out some of the art. There is some really amazing work in this show, once again Scott G Brooks creates a mind-blowing painting, and I love how Sarah Joncas created something creepy in a Hitchcock kind of way.

13th Hour 2010 @ Last Rites Gallery

Exclusive Preview: 13th Hour @ Last Rites Gallery

Coming this Friday, October 29th, the Last Rites Gallery in New York will host the third annual “13th Hour” group exhibition, just in time for Halloween. The previous two 13th Hour shows were amazing, and from the lineup of participating artists this year will be the best one yet. Starting at 7pm, fans will see work from Paul Booth, Scott G. Brooks, Caniglia, John Cebollero, David R. Choquette, Christopher Conte, Brendan Danielsson, Jason D’Aquino, Pedro De Kastro, Paul Gerrard, Fred Harper, Naoto Hattori, Charlie Immer, Sarah Joncas, Laurie Lipton, Travis Louie, Michael Mararian, Chris Mars, Richard Meyer, Chris Peters, Anthony Pontius, Pooch, Paul Rumsey, José Manuel Schmill, David Stoupakis, Brian M. Viveros, Jasmine Worth, and Chet Zar.
 The Creep Machine was able to get an exclusive preview of some of the art that will be in this exhibition, take a look and keep your eye on the galleries site for the full show.

Last Rites Gallery

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Interview: Genevive Zacconi

Coming this December 10th to the Last Rites Gallery in New York, is a new solo show from Genevive Zacconi. A new series of works will be unveiled, and while Genevive is frantically working to make this new show as amazing as we all know it will be, she took some time to answer some questions for the Creep Machine. I know that the site will also be getting some exclusive images of the new works in the weeks to come.

Paul Booth and Genevive Zacconi

CM: You went to the School of Visual Arts in New York, as well as the Academy of Fine Art in Pennsylvania. What was your experience like at art school, and what was your art and themes like before school?

Genevive: The themes before art school were much the same in many aspects, but I actually only attended both of these schools for one semester. So in a way, I am primarily self-taught. I found myself cutting class to stay home and work on my own paintings and consequentially decided that formal art training wasn’t for me, but continued in my independent study. continue reading «Interview: Genevive Zacconi»

New Works by John Cebollero

John Cebollero will have three new paintings in the upcoming New Breed 2 exhibition coming to the Last Rites Gallery this coming August 7th. The last show had some really amazing artwork, and I am looking forward to seeing what this year brings. John works in acrylics and inks, and as seen in one of the paintings he will have in the show below, the colors are intense. This painting is entitled “Only Women Bleed”, possibly inspired by the Alice Cooper song of the same name? The other two paintings he will have in the show will not feature his signature, stylized portraits, but will be some of the darker work that he has been creating lately.

Chet Zar- “Endarkenment” @ Last Rites Gallery

Coming this Saturday April 10th to the Last Rites Gallery is the latest solo show of Chet Zar. Entitled “Endarkenment”, the show features 10 new paintings from Chet, each one with a custom and hand sculpted embellishments added to each one (see here). This is yet another amazing show by Chet, he just keeps on creating inspiring work show after show. Take a look at the preview images, and then if you around the gallery this coming Saturday stop by, or keep an eye on the website for the full show to be online.

Last Rites Gallery

Interview: Vincent Castiglia

For this months feature, the Creep Machine not only had the pleasure to show the art of Vincent Castiglia, but to also interview him. I do hope what is recorded below will give viewers a greater understanding into the artwork that Vincent creates, but also to foster a greater appreciation of it. Vincent creates his paintings with only the use of his own blood. Looking past the medium one can clearly see that he is creating allegorical paintings, dealing with the ideas of life, death, and rebirth. Works of art that are iconic and timeless. I would like to thank Vincent for taking the time to answer these questions.

Vincent Castiglia at the H.R. Giger Museum Gallery, Gruyeres, Switzerland, 2008: Photo: © 2008 Raphael Siegrist

CM: I know you went to the Fiorello H. LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and Performing Arts. Was drawing and painting something that you did from an early age, or did you start later?

Vincent: I began drawing as soon as I could hold a pencil and comprehend how to make a mark on any given surface. Making art began like “The Great Escape” for me, and the most efficient way to disconnect from the war zone of what appeared to be a home from the outside world. Those initial marks on paper, walls, or just about anything I chose to draw on would pave the way to a much more contemplative sphere of reasoning and technical execution than what was possible at three or four. But nonetheless those early markings were the formative acts which were to unfold into a tree of destiny, the fruits of which are now my sustenance and the life of my flesh.
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David Choquette @ Last Rites Gallery

March 6th at the Last Rites Gallery two solo shows opened, one from Chris Peters and the other from David R. Choquette. Long time readers of the site might recognize David’s work from not only being a featured artist (here) but also having an amazing ‘Killer Klowns’ inspired painting in the ‘Attack of the B Movie Show‘. David has an great style, dark and surreal. The work for his solo show at Last Rites is now up on the site, along with Chris Peters’ new paintings. Here are a few from the show that I especially liked, make sure you head on over to the gallery to see the rest.

David Choquette @ Last Rites Gallery

Fred Harper and Nick Baxter @ Last Rites Gallery

This Saturday, February 6th at the Last Rites Gallery in New York, Fred Harper (Featured) and Nick Baxter will both have new work on display. I think both artists compliment each other very well. While Fred has a more brushy style with his painting, both have very colorful works. i would really love to see the paintings by Nick Baxter in person, the detail on each piece is impressive.

Last Rites Gallery

Paul Gerrard and Craig LaRotonda @ Last Rites Gallery

This past Saturday, December 5th the Last Rites Gallery in New York opened two new shows: “From the Ashes of Angels” by Craig LaRotonda and “Skins from the Shadow Circle” by Paul Gerrard. I really like the new work from Paul Gerrard, he has a killer style and shows that digital art can be just as fascinating as traditional. The show will be up until December 27th, if you can make it to the gallery make sure you check out the site for the full preview.

Last Rites Gallery


Shows this weekend: Kenny Scharf, Camille Rose Garcia and Scott G. Brooks

Here is a rundown of some of the shows that will be opening this weekend.

Thinkspace Gallery will have “Vain Remains” with new work from Camilla d’Errico and Caia Koopman. In the project room: “New Works On Paper” featuring new works by Lilly Piri, Fumi Nakamura, & Yuka Yamaguchi. Fresh Faces series: Nathan Deyoung with “Windows & Mirrors”.

Honor Fraser will host “Barberadise” with new works from Kenny Scharf

Jonathan Levine Gallery will open “Ludovico Aversion Therapy” from D*Face & “As Cold As They Come” from Mark Dean Veca.

Billy Shire Fine Arts: “Shag Swapmeet”, a one day event with originals, prints and more

Kinsey/Desforges will open “After the Gold Rush” from Angelika J. Trojnarski

Lebasse Projects has two shows opening, “Softly Encompassing the Womb” with new works from Edwin Ushiro and “Idealistically Hypocritical 3” from Ryuichi Ogino

Merry Karnowsky Gallery will open “The Hydra of Babylon” featuring all new works by Camille Rose Garcia

Last Rites Gallery will open two exhibitions, “Domestic Terror” by Scott G Brooks and “Pepto Dismal” by Jeff McMillan

Shooting Gallery opens “Terrestrial Syndrome” with new work from Erik Otto and Kevin E. Taylor.
Then right next door at White Walls is “The Future Is So Bright” new works by Albert Reyes and “Searching by flashlight, for the bright spots on your brain, and such” by Rich Jacobs