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Martin Wittfooth’s “Dark Water” group show @ Copro Gallery

On Saturday, November 12, the Copro Gallery opened a group show sure to make any art fan gaze endlessly at the screen, or in person if your lucky enough. Dark Water is a group show curated by Martin Wittfooth and features the work of: Aron Wiesenfeld, Billy Norrby, Andrew Hem, Adam Miller, Charlie Immer, Alyssa Monks, Steven Assael, Christian Van Minnen, Jenny Morgan, Caitlin Hackett, Brad Kunkle, Dave Cooper, Elizabeth Winnel, Jean-Pierre Roy, Keniche Hoshine, Jean Labourdette (Turf One), Matt Rota, Jason Yarmosky, Nicola Verlato, Phil Hale, John Brophy, Eric White, Josh Keyes, Jeremy Lipking, and even Martin Wittfooth. The thing that makes this show so amazing, besides the outstanding work from each artist, is the idea that this show is really a collection of some of the mot talented, exciting artists creating art today. This show has the ability to give fans of Josh Keyes, Martin Wittfooth, or Jeremy Lipking, an introduction to some other artists that might not have been on their radar. It’s also one of those exhibitions that every work is breathtaking and has the ability to steal the show. Below are more than a few examples of favorites from the show, the rest are over at the galleries homepage.

Copro Gallery

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Preview: Chet Zar – “Faces of Death” @ Last Rites Gallery

Opening this Friday, July 22nd, at the Last Rites Gallery in New York is the latest solo show from Chet Zar. Entitled “Faces of Death”, this is Chet’s second solo exhibition at the gallery following last years “Endarkenment”. This new show will feature 16, 11″ x 14″ portraits, each one with a custom made frame. This show will also mark the remodeling of Last Rites, and along with Chet’s solo show, Craig La Rotonda will open his latest solo show, and there will be live painting with Genevive Zacconi, Shawn Barber, Kim Saigh, Chet Zar, Angie Mason, Fred Harper, Billy Norrby, Matt Rota, Paul Booth, & Martin Wittfooth. Sounds like it is going to be on amazing night, as if seeing the stunning new portrait work from Chet wasn’t enough. Take a look at the preview images, and if your in the area make sure to stop by the gallery from 7-11pm, or keep your eye on the website.