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Garbage Pail Kids @ Gallery 1988

On September 2nd, Gallery 1988 in Melrose opened a new themed group show, this one with work inspired by the Garbage Pail Kids. I remember when the collectors cards first came out in 1985, and kids went insane for them. The biggest draw for me was the art, and it’s the one thing that made the concept of this show exciting. There is a huge amount of work available in a variety of mediums, as well as limited edition prints. It was great to see what each of these artists would bring to show; would they make a painting styled like the classic cards, or opt to make something new and unique in design. There is a good mixture of both, and I am happy to see works styled like the cards and some that are not. It helps to break up what could have become too much. There is some amazing work in this show, seen below are some paintings by Allison Reimold, Dave MacDowell, N.C. Winters, and some killer prints available from Rhys Cooper. Take a look at the preview images and then over to the website for the full show.

Gallery 1988

“Quentin Vs Coen” group show @ Bold Hype Gallery

Coming this April 7th, Bold Hype Gallery and Spoke Art will open a group show that is sure to please art and cult movie fans alike. “Quentin VS Coen” will feature work from over 100 artists, all of which will tackle a movie created by Quentin Tarantino or The Coen Brothers. Just a few names that fans will see participating in this show are: Brian Viveros, Casey Weldon, Charlie Immer, David Choquette, Edith Lebeau, Gene Guynn, Jesse Riggle, Johannah O’ Donnell, Munk One, Nimit Malavia, Rich Pellegrino, Roland Tamayo, Sam Wolfe Connelly, Scott Scheidly, Shannon Bonatakis, Steven Daily, Tatiana Suarez, Tiffany Liu, Tom Haubrick, Tristan Eaton, Dave Perillo, Joshua Budich, Mike Mitchell, Todd Slater, and many more. Thisis the first installment of Spoke Art’s “Versus” series, and since this show is bound to be a success, get ready for more shows of this caliber. What about George Romero VS John Carpenter? While I dream of a show filled with zombies and aliens, take a look at the preview of “Quentin VS Coen” and make sure to keep your eyes on the Spoke Blog for more works and news.

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Review: “Everything But the Kitschen Sync” @ La Luz de Jesus

The 14th installment of the “Everything But the Kitschen Sync” group show opened at La Luz de Jesus this past March 4th. Apricot Mantle was able to do a review of the show and take some photos for us. Hit the jump link for Apricot’s full review and images.

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“Everything But the Kitschen Sync 14″ @ La Luz de Jesus

Coming this March 4th at La Luz de Jesus is the 14 edition of the “Everything But the Kitschen Sync” group show. These group show started back in 18986 and focussed entirely on folk art. The show has now changed names a few times and evolved to encompass more of the best fine art, illustrative, and graphic design out there. New works by Michael Brown, JAW Cooper, Will Crane, Patrick “Star27″ Deignan, Delphia, Robert Doucette, Caitlin Hackett, Scott Holloway, Richard Frost, Dennis Larkins, Danni Shinya Luo, Jon MacNair, Apricot Mantle, Junko Mizuno, Munk One, Scott Saw, Kim Scott, Sean Stepanoff, Bonni Read, Cate Rangel, Antonio Roybal, Celene Petrulak, Nathan Ota, Jessica Ward, James Zar, and many more will be on view. It’s an amazing show with a staggering amount of work to be seen. I especially like José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros Disney remix works, and Delphia’s “The Caul” (shown first) is easily one of my favorite works from this show. This exhibition will be up until march 28th, so if your in the area make sure to stop by.

Take a look at the full show: “Everything But the Kitschen Sync 14″ @ La Luz de Jesus

“The Road to Shermer: A Tribute to John Hughes” @ Gallery 1988

Gallery 1988 in Venice opened a new group show this past Friday, February 11th. “The Road to Shermer: A Tribute to John Hughes” features original art and prints from an impressive list of artists, and will be run until March 4th. All of your favorite John Hughes movies have been reinterpreted by such artists as Aaron Jasinski, Audrey Pongracz, Augie Pagan, Ben Walker, Brandon Sopinsky, Chris Tezber, Dave MacDowell, Israel Sanchez, Jesse Riggle, Kelly Vivanco, Kevin Tong, Munk One, N.C. Winters, Nicole Guice, Rich Pellegrino, and many more. I’m not the biggest fan of theme shows like this, but this is a good one. There is so much material to work from when it comes to Hughes’ movies, and these artists did a killer job. I really like what Aaron Jasinski, Rich Pellegrino, N.C. Winters, and of course Dave MacDowell who has been using Hughes and inspiration for years. The prints also look great, Derek Deal created an amazing Planes, Trains, and Automobiles print.

Gallery 1988

Art Whino Holiday Sale

For the Holiday Season, Art Whino has given Creep Machine readers a special code to get 15% off the entire store. Original works and prints by Paul Chatem, Arabella Proffer, Tatiana Suarez, Munk One, Angry Woebots, Casey Weldon, and many more. There is also vinyl toys and collectibles to be had, all you have to do is use the code “CREEPWHINOCHEER” during checkout.

Art Whino

“Posterwhore” print by Munk One

The Poster Whore website has been relaunched with a new site design, and along with this new beta site is a limited edition print by Munk One. The print was designed for the site, so you will see the sites name in the print, but it looks pretty cool. The zombie looks amazing as well. The print is a 4 color screen print, 15″ x 20″, signed and numbered in an edition of 100 for $35.

Check out the new site and print:

“Night of the Living Dead” limited shirt and poster @ Fright Rags

Back around May Munk One released a print based off of George Romero’s classic “Night of the Living Dead”. Along with the print, Fright Rags used the image for a limited edition shirt. Well you now have the opportunity to grab the shirt and print off of Fright Rags store, and if you get them both together there is a 15% discount. The print is on archival coverstock, 9″ x 24″ limited to 100, and not only is it signed by Munk One but also Kyra Schon, the actress that played little Karen Cooper in the movie.
The shirt has the same great image, but with the logo on the back.

Get em here: Night of the Living Dead @ Fright Rags


Shows this weekend: Lush Life, Southern, Travis Louie & Into the Woodz

Here is the rundown of the shows that will be taking place this weekend.

Eclectix Gallery will open “All Gurlz” show featuring more than thirty female artists

Halogen Gallery previously Suite 100, has a show featuring new work by Kendra Binney, Rudy Fig and Jeremiah Ketner

Thinkspace Gallery will open “…Away From The Things Of Man” by Kathleen Lolley, “A Brief History” by Allison Sommers and in the project room “Inner Myth Pt. 1″ by João Ruas

Roq la rue will open “Lush Life”, a group show featuring work by Joe Sorren, Chris Berens, Chris Conn Askew, Mia Araujo,, Melissa Forman, Travis Louie, Madeline Von Foerster, Martin Wittfooth, Kukula, Ryan Heshka, John Brophy, Tin, Brian Despain, Glenn Barr, Dan Quintana, Femke Hiemstra, Laurie Hogin, Lisa Petrucci
& Andrew Arconti.

Hyaena Gallery has a one night event, Albrecht Durer and his ” “The Monstrous Sow
of Landser (1496)” engraving for sale. There will also be work by Chris “The Creep” Densmore, Clint Carney, Dan Harding, Alex Pardee, Erick De La Vega, .W. Frydendall, Delphia, Chuck Hodi and many more. The show is only night and is online, so check it out now.

Congregation Gallery is opening “Voodoo, Hoodoo, and Santeria: The Art of Conjure Black Carpet Arrivals” with new work from D. W. Frydendall, Christopher Ulrich, Munk One, Evil Paul, Eli Livingston, 13:11, Cate Rangel, Shawn Du Val Humiston, Glenda Rolie, Lloyd Mattews, Gene Guynn, Patrick Segui, David Cook, Sarah Hestal, Tiffany Garcia, Elizabeth Caffey, George De La Santos, Cam Rackam, Erick De La Vega, Skullmaster, Kevin Klemm, Steve Rodgers, Nicholas Caesar, Tatomir, Jim Parchen, RT Vegas, Dean Karr, Alina Stempa, Dave Rose, Romesh Mccullough, Tom Zimmerman, Renato Ruiz, Skip Crank, Jeremy Cross Voodoo Tarot Readings Cuban Cigar Roller Personal Voodoo Doll Maker

The Parlour Gallery at Halloween Town will open the Edgar Allan Poe group art show, with some work from Dan Harding, Eric Pigors, Gris Grimly, Zombienose and more.

Last Rites Gallery will open “Southern” a duo show with new work from Brian Viveros and Matthew Bone.

Lebasse Projects will open “Hello and Goodbye” by Yoskay Yamamoto and “Wild Fields” by Melissa Haslam

Shooting Gallery SF will open “Into The Woodz” a new solo show from Isabel Samaras. Then at the Gallery Three “Fantastic in the Sack” New Works By Dustin Olson

Copro Gallery will have “Strange Grooming Habits” by Travis Louie and “Sentimental” by Kathie Olivas

The Lowbrow Art Sale: Feb 3rd

This weeks article features prints by James Jean, Caia Koopman, Alex Pardee, Marlo Meekins & Munk One. Check it out Here