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Halloween 2012 Group Feature

First off, I apologize for the delay in postings the past few weeks. I am still here, and still determined to keep this site going for as long as I can. Work has been a little too hectic lately, but i’m working on getting back to posting more. So, with a bit of a delay, here is this years Halloween feature. Art from Jason Edmiston, Travis Louie, Dan Harding, Ego, Scarecrowoven, Ken Garduno, Jackie Gallagher, Tom Haubrick, Matthew Bone, Chris Mars, Jacob Bannon, Darwin Enriquez, Matt Buck, Patrick Fatica, Tom Bagshaw, Chet Zar, Apricot Mantle, Brian Smith, James Groman, and Fernando Carpaneda. Click on The Bride for the full feature.

Original drawings by Patrick Fatica

Patrick Fatica has recently added some new drawings and prints to his online shop. Each of the drawings/sketches is graphite on paper, the drawings are also framed and you can see them on the site. A couple of these drawings can be seen as figures used in prints that are also found in the shop, such as the drawing for “Invasion From Above” (seen first). Head on over and see everything in the shop.

Patrick Fatica Shop

Shows this weekend: Andrew Bell, Gary Baseman & Gag Me With A Toon

Here is the list of exhibitions that will be opening this weekend

La Luz de Jesus will open a show with new works from Lyle Motley, Miss Mindy, Lauren Gardiner and Jessica Cooper

Cave Gallery opens “Brush Fire”, a group show featuring work by Amy Botello, Chet Zar, Anthony Clarkson, Cate Rangel, Tatiana Suarez, Terri Woodward and more. The featured artist is Gene Guynn.

Rotofugi will open “Common Nonsense”, New works by Ken Keirns & Scott Tolleson

Gallery 1988 SF will be hosting “Beyond the Page”, a group show inspired by children’s books. Anne-Julie Aubrey, Casey Weldon, Catherine Brooks, Chrystal Chan, Gene Guynn, Isaac Pierro, Jason Limon, Jeff McMillan, Jonathan Bergeron, Leanne Biank, Megan Kimber, Melissa Haslam, Nicoletta Ceccoli and many more.

Definition Gallery will open “The Quantum Exhibit” featuring work by Leslie Ditto, Sylvia Ortiz, Gilbert Oh, Michael Forbes, Amy Botello, Se7en, Patrick Fatica, Luis Lorenzana, Jasmine Worth, Kelly McKernan, Kelly X & Sid Watters

Melt Gallery will open “Gag me with a Toon”. A show curated by Steven Daily and will feature work by Alex Pardee, Bob Dob, DANNI SHINYA LUO, Dan Quinata, Jim Mahfood, Jonathan Wayshak, Kevin Llewellyn, Lola, El Maz, Tara McPherson, Th Chung, Travis Louie and more.

Corey Helford Gallery. “La Noche de la Fusion” is a new solo show from Gary Baseman

Crewest will open “Canceptual [v.3]” featuring work by Dave MacDowell, Smear, Downer, Man One, Revel, Shark Toof, and many, many more

Subliminal Projects will open “Ego, Addiction & Other Bedtime Stories” featuring new works from Sam Flores

Rivert Gallery will open “It’s What’s Inside That Counts” a solo show featuring the work of Andrew Bell

Shows now online: Imaginary Friends, Drawing Room & Destination Unknown

Looks like its going to be another one of those weekends that is just filled with great shows opening up.
Here we go, these are the ones that are online for your viewing pleasure:

“Imaginary Friends”, a group show featuring work by Andrew Bell, Cherri Wood, Israel Sanchez, Ken Garduno, Scott Campbell & Yoskay Yomamoto at the Gallery 1988 SF is now up. The work looks amazing, and I am especially drawn to the pieces that Ken Garduno (shown) and Andrew Bell submitted. Check it out: Gallery 1988 SF

“Destination Unknown” opened up and Distinction Art, and features work by Sarah Joncas, Angelina Wrona & Patrick Fatica. It’s a good looking show, as all the work by the three artists flows together nicely. It’s very cohesive. Check it out here: Distinction Art

“The Drawing Room” a show curated by Audrey Kawasaki opened Friday at Thinkspace. There is also work by Timothy Karpinski & Robert Pokorny in the project room. I think the Drawing Room show looks great, it’s nice to be able to see some graphite work from Travis Louie (shown), as well as Audrey (shown). I hope he puts more of that kind of work in some shows. Thinkspace Gallery

At the Cerasoli-Lebasse Gallery, you have two shows that opened up. Jill Simonson & Scott Belcastro, as well as “Put on a Happy Face” by Nate Frizzell. All the work here looks excellent, check it out: Cerasoli-Lebasse Gallery

The Copro Nason Gallery has work by Tin, Sas Christian & Kukula for you to gawk at. Tin is getting popular very fast, no works are left to purchase. I am not super happy with Sas’ work, I am a big fan, but these pieces just don’t have the same pop to them. Check out the show here: Copro Nason Gallery