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Short Links: Travis Louie, Second Skin, and Keith Weesner

Since the new job is taking up a good amount of my time, I have been pretty late on posting about some amazing shows and print releases lately. So a new category called “Short Links” will help me catch up, while alerting the fans of some must see art.

Aug 2: Joshua Liner Gallery opened their Summer Group Exhibition featuring the work of Alfred Steiner, Clayton Bros, Cleon Peterson, Damon Soule, Daniel Rich, David Ellis, Ian Francis, Jean-Pierre Roy, Kris Kuksi, Mars-1, Oliver Vernon, Pema Rinzin, Riusuke Fukahori, Tat Ito, Tiffany Bozic, and Tomokazu Matsuyama.

Aug 3: Stranger Factory opened Spirits, the latest solo show by Travis Louie. Resin figures, drawings, paintings, and some prints are all all view until Sept 3rd.

Aug 4: Thinkspace Gallery opened three shows with new works by Brett Amory and Adam Caldwell for Dirty Laundry, Paul Barnes with Nocturne in the project room, and in the office new works by Sean Mahan.

Aug 4: Copro Gallery closed two must see shows. Second Skin, a tattoo artist group exhibition curated by Chet Zar, with works by Alex Garcia, Mike DeVries, Paul Booth, and Shawn Barber to name a few; and in Gallery 2 Keith Weesner with Heathens Den.

Books: Yore Extended Edition by Joao Ruas @ Eidolon Fine Arts

Back in November 2011, Thinkspace Gallery opened an exhibition of new works by Brazilian artist Joao Ruas entitled Yore. A show catalogue and a book of sketches and ideas for the show was once available, but now is long sold out. In the coming weeks Eidolon Fine Arts will release an expanded edition of the Yore catalogue. The book will contain not only images of the works, but sketches and process shots, as well as detailed views of the works. The book will be 7.75″ × 9.75″, hardcover volume printed on 148 GSM lustre paper with black endpapers and hand-embellished details. It is accompanied by a tipped-in, signed and stamped print of “Small Gorgoneion II” printed on 330 GSM hot press cotton rag paper, as well as a beautifully produced numbered micro certificate.

This amazing will be available for a two-week period beginning July 29, 12 pm UTC-3/6 am PST, ending August 13, 11:59 am UTC/5:59 am PST, with the final edition size being determined by the number of orders. Like most time released prints, anyone who purchases a book during this window is guaranteed a copy. Below are some preview shots of the book; we will also be posting a reminder once it gets closer to the release date so that all Creep Machine fans have a shot at this release.

“Between Wind and Water”, Sarah Joncas and Caia Koopman @ Thinkspace

On June 16th, Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City opened a duo show with new work from Caia Koopman and Sarah Joncas entitled Between Wind and Water. Both artists have very different styles, but the show doesn’t look odd because of this. The last solo show that I remember seeing from Sarah Joncas was at Last Rites Gallery last April 2011. Taking a look at her personal website, you can see that she is going to have another solo show at Last Rites this coming December 2012. Her work seems to be getting a tad darker, and in some cases even a bit more erotic—these changes however are subtle. I do hope she keeps moving in this direction, or even one that would not be expected. Both artists submitted some top-notch work to this show, so take a look at the preview and then head over for the full show. There is also a good interview with Sarah Joncas over at the Sour Harvest blog.

See the full show here: Sarah Joncas and Caia Koopman @ Thinkspace

New work by Dave MacDowell for solo exhibition

Opening tonight at the Venice location of Gallery 1988, will be a duo show with new work from Kirk Demarais & Dave MacDowell. In the oast few weeks Dave has been painting like crazy, and has created some outstanding work. He currently has a couple of pieces on view at the Synergy, Thinkspace Curated show currently on view at Spoke Art in San Francisco.

This new series of works features Dave’s unique blend of pop culture mashing, and his never-ending ability to create paintings that are sure to make you smile, laugh, and be come jealous that you didn’t think of it first. The shows features a good amount of Big Lebowski inspired paintings, some music references, and Dave even revisits a painting, Freaky Friday, from the first show I ever curated with his new Deebo of the Dead. Take a look at the preview images, and then over to the website to see more.

Dave MacDowell @ G9188

Preview: “There Is Time To Kill Today” by Ana Bagayan @ Thinkspace Gallery

Opening this Saturday, February 4th at Thinkspace Gallery in Culver City, is a new solo show by Ana Bagayan entitled There Is Time To Kill Today. The show features ten new oil paintings, new drawings, and new series of charcoal works on canvas. I love the idea that there is a variety of mediums in this show, and even some really affordable drawings that will only be available the night of the reception from 5-8 PM. Here is what Ana states about this new series of works:

“Although theres no unifying theme to this show, the inspiration for the work comes from the metaphysical- ghosts, spirits, intergalactic space creatures, anything that hints at the idea that we are just a small part of the unimaginably vast universe. Some of the works are based on hypnosis sessions of people who believed they had been abducted by aliens. I’ve created human/alien hybrid creatures based on the experiences these people described. All of the works, I feel incorporate the inherent beauty of interpreting both the known and unknown.”

If your in the area, make sure to stop by the show and see these works in person. The full show is now online to view.
Thinkspace Gallery

Stella Im Hultberg, Mari Inukai, Audrey Kawasaki, and Amy Sol @ Thinkspace Gallery

Amid the variety of Halloween related art shows, and the I Want My Music Video Art Show, Thinkspace Gallery opened a group exhibition featuring the work of Stella Im Hultberg, Mari Inukai, Audrey Kawasaki, and Amy Sol entitled In the Wake of Dreams. This show brings new paintings, drawings, and a new print set. Overall the show is as cohesive as it gets, there is no denying that these four artists fit very well together. I love the idea of being able to see the painted style each artist has, and the drawings, especially in the way each artist presents the drawings. With Stella Im Hultberg and Audrey Kawasaki’s drawings, you see only clean, well-planned linework. Each one also adding colored pencil, and in the case of Audrey laser cut sections of the paper. Amy Sol and Mari Inukai have a looser style of drawing, as you are able to see lines that were made while the artist worked out the forms. To me, this style of drawing has a very energetic feel and in a way is as intimate as a signature can be. The show will be up until October 29th.

Thinkspace Gallery

Aaron Nagel, Jeff Ramirez, and Jennifer Nehrbass @ Thinkspace Gallery

This past weekend was good for art as some amazing shows opened up. Instead of making a single post talking about all of the shows, I’ll do one post for each of the shows since I have been lax on posting lately. The first show to pop up was at Thinkspace Gallery, and featured a three person show in the main room with work from Aaron Nagel, Jeff Ramirez, and Jennifer Nehrbass. I have been waiting for this show for a while now, and previewed some of the new paintings that Aaron Nagel was working on a while back. The three artists fit very well with each other, and I am excited to see more artists creating work that is not only figurative in nature, but also a new wave of “realists”. In the project room Lindsay Carr opened her debut US solo show entitled “Homage to Canton”. I have been a fan of her work for a while now, and am happy to see her work taking more interest in galleries. It’s a very strong series, and not only shows how skilled she is, but also how consistent. Take a look at the preview images and then head over to the galleries site for both shows.

Thinkspace Gallery

New work by Aaron Nagel

Aaron Nagel is currently painting away for his upcoming solo show at Thinkspace, in which he will show 5 new paintings alongside Jennifer Nehrbass and Jeff Ramirez. I took a look at Aaron’s blog to see if there were any sneak peeks of some of the paintings that he will show, and I was very happy to see there was. A few in-process shots as well as a finished painting entitled “Drift”, oil on canvas 48″ x 32″. Besides the pearls, this almost looks as though the model was captured directly after a fluid movement into a new position directly after the painting “Shrapnel”. In this new painting Aaron has started to play with the color values in the flesh tones. I’m very excited about these new works, the in-process shots look amazing as well. Head on over to Aaron’s blog to see the works, and keep up to date with news and events.

Aaron Nagel Blog

Preview: Dave MacDowell’s “Lowbrow Love Letter” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Opening this Saturday, April 30th is the latest solo exhibition from acrylic mastermind Dave MacDowell. Entitled “Lowbrow Love Letter”, this show will feature 11 works with a few of them inspired directly from contemporary artists such as Chet Zar (shown last), Mark Ryden, Luke Chueh, and even Michael Hussar..? Dave’s unique spin on pop culture and movies will also make an appearance with paintings featuring “The Dude” (Big Lebowski), Charlie Sheen, Antoine Dodson, zombies, and an absolutely freaky looking Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. While Lowbrow art might have tamed down a bit, or what Robert Williams called “chronically cute and politically correct” (source), Dave is still making art that not only looks amazing but continues the tradition of a scene that was once seen as subversive, one look at “Beating The Meat Market” (second) shows that. Take a look at the preview images, and then over to the site for the full show. Dave will be in attendance at the reception, and we will hopefully have a video interview up on the site a few days afterward.

Thinkspace Gallery

“Happiness is 100yen” print by Dabs Myla @ 1xRun

1xRun has a new limited edition print up for the week. “Happiness is 100yen” is from Australian art duo Dabs Myla. This print comes from a series of works that were shown at Thinkspace Gallery at the “Tokyo Deluxe” show in 2010. The print is 11″ x 13.5″, signed and numbered in an edition of 40, or whatever sells before the time is up.

Get it here:

The photorealistic art of Kim Sung Jin

An artist working out of South Korea, Kim Sung Jin graduated from the Hongik University for Fine Art. He works primarily in oils on canvas, and as you can see is a photorealist painter, with a very sensual style. I’ve always enjoyed artists that painted in a photorealistic style, but often the content was not as impressive as the skill level the artist had. This new crop of artists, such as those shown at Thinkspace Galleries “New Realism“, are creating work that is not only technically impressive, but draws you in further with the content. Kim Sung Jin’s art falls perfectly into that description. Every new painting you see while going through the artists gallery bring back that awe of how someone could create an image that looks so real, and he even paints macro-like closeups of the lips and face of the models. After looking at these previews, make sure to check out the artists homepage for a lot more.

Kim Sung Jin

“And Our World Came Tumbling After” print by Tran Nguyen

Thinkspace Gallery has released a new print by Tan Nguyen. The print comes from a painting Tran had in the “Nurturing The Uneased Soul” show that took place at Thinkspace a while back. The print is 17″ x 13″ on Museo Portfolio Rag paper / printed with Epson HDR ink, signed and numbered in an edition of 40.

Thinkspace Prints