“Crack Cocaine Superheroes Series ” by Eightpussy

It’s been a long time since I have seen any new work from the artist known as Eightpussy. The last painting was for the “This is the End” show back in March. I know that she has been apprenticing to become a tattoo artist, which is a great idea. I can only imagine what she will be able to do with her insane color palettes. It looks as though she has been working on some art again and even came up with a cool little series, the “Crack Cocaine Superheroes Series”. This is such a great idea, and if your like me and grew up in some pretty rough areas, people who look like this are all too familiar. What I love about her art is that she is able to get the smoothest, most beautiful rendering of people with the material she uses and then do the opposite such as these. The faces in these images look run down and far from glamorous. Can’t wait to see more.

Until then, keep up to date on her profile: Eightpussy @ Myspace


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