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Artist Profiles: Vacon Sartirani

Vacon Sartirani is an artist based out of Milano, Italy. His works are brought to life in a variety of mediums, markers and colored pencils are just a couple. The first thing you notice is how insanely colorful his work is, then you see the figures that inhabit this world he has created. They may be political figures, pop culture icons or simply unrecognizable, but each one seems to be mutating into some kind of blend of human and sea anemone. In a way it reminds me of a few scenes from the 1995 movie “Lord of Illusions”, where the main character tries to show you the reality of people and what you see is these underwater life forms spilling out.
Vacon’s work is not only colorful, filled with humor and pop culture references, but it also freaks me right out.

Make sure you head over to his homepage to see more work, and stop by his Etsy page and see what he has available.
Vacon @ Etsy



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