“I Am 8 Bit” at World of Wonder on August 14th

Tonight is the night that the latest “I am 8 Bit” show opens up. This time the show is at the World of Wonder Storefront Gallery. I took a look at the site, but no work there yet and not sure where they are going to put it.

There is a killer list of artists in the show, some great new ones and one that are veterans of the 8 bit art show. Here is the lineup: Joe Ledbetter, Scott C., Jim Mahfood, Ashley Wood, Amanda Visell, Jose Emroca Flores, Luke Chueh, Bigfoot, Yoskay Yamamoto, Kofie One, Angry Woebots, Gerald de Jesus, Tessar Lo, Gabe Swarr, Jorge R. Gutierrez, Carlos Ramos, Joe Vaux, Joe Shea, Benjamin Marra, Deseo, Mr. Jago, Jude Buffum, Michelle Valigura, Suckadelic, DGPH, Jim Stoten, Tanner Goldbeck, Scott Belcastro, Tony Mora, Nate Frizzell, Elizabeth Ito, ZOSO, The Chung, Ray Frenden, and David Goldberg.

There are already some pics from the show circulating around, and the work by Scott Belcastro (shown) has to be my favorite so far. The colors and layout and amazing, and it really fits the whole Legend of Zelda theme perfectly, kind of like Scott should have always been the designer for the game. I heard there will be prints of these as well, at least I really hope so.
World of Wonder Storefront Gallery

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