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Preview: Aaron Nagel “Marks” @ Shooting Gallery

As stated earlier in the week with the White Walls Studio Visit, Aaron Nagel’s solo show “Marks” will be opening at the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco this Saturday, March 6th. This is Aaron’s largest and most cohesive body of works; “The eleven oil paintings in this series use imagery of youthful women in the nude, often impaled by archery arrows. These figures embody Catholic martyrs such as St. Sebastian, offering atheists and skeptics an alternative to traditional religious symbolism. Although the women are naked and impaled their facial expression and body language is unaffected. Standing tall with transfixed eyes, the figures’ hands are often dripping with black paint to represent a guilty and nefarious past. As Aaron is inspired by the contrast between power and the fragility of the human body, Marks is infused with imagery that is at once calm and violent.”

If your in the area, make sure to stop by, these paintings deserve to be seen in person.
Shooting Gallery SF

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    Mar 11, 2010 at 11:46 pm

    love it! arrows and boobies! yay!

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