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Review: “I See You See” x Dan Harding and Joanne Augustine @ Articulated Gallery

One of the shows I was really looking forward to seeing as the end of the year drew closer, was a new solo exhibition by Dan Harding — and the best part was that this show was going to be in San Francisco. The shows theme changed and in an exciting turn, also featured the work of Joanne Augustine, with the idea that the two artists would work off each other. Entitled “I See You See” this show features photography by Joanne of various nature scenes, Dan then took these images as inspiration for new paintings. The reception was December 3rd at the Articulated Gallery, and the show will be up until the end of the month. If your in the area please stop by. Not only can you check out the Loved To Death store, but head up to the gallery and see photography and paintings by two very talented artists. I made sure I was at the reception and took some photos and have a review as well.

Each artist submitted 11 works, 22 in total. One of the nice details about the show is that they kept the photos and paintings a consistent size. So each painting and photo is roughly 11″ x 14″ and framed in a similar manner. Starting on the left side of the gallery you start with Sunrise by Joanne and Beginning by Dan, as you follow the trail around the gallery the show ends with Sunset by Joanne and The End by Dan. I loved the fact that they started the show out the same basic imagery that they ended the show with. In between these two points you have striking photos of flowers and insects, and right next to them the dark and fantastical oil renderings Dan saw in each photo.

In some cases the painting is very faithful to the original photo, such as Cicada and Molt (seen below), and then you have paintings that are dripping with imagination with whole new characters and environments filling the scene. Each one of the photos is no more than $160 and the paintings are around $400-450 each, and there is also a discount if you happen to buy the photo/painting set. I can see this show satisfying those that love photography and those that love paintings that verge on the darkly surreal. Dan has also added some photos on his Facebook profile that show the works side by side with some extra details (here) If you can check out the show in person, or head on over to the Articulated Gallery for the full list of works.

Articulated Gallery

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    Lynet Witty
    Dec 13, 2011 at 11:41 am

    While I think it’s cool/neat to see an artists’ inspiration, I don’t think it was very ‘cool/neat’ to actually put it up along side your actual work in the exhibition. Just my two cents. …ps. I get that it’s part of the exhibition’s name and the theme…

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