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Review: Obey Your Master Art Tribute to Metallica

This past weekend a group show dedicated to the music of Metallica opened at the Exhibit A Gallery. While I was not able to attend the show, friend of the Creep Machine Brennan was able to make it to the show, take some photos, and write a short review for us. Take it away.

So a few weeks ago I received an email about an invite only show coming up at Exhibit A Gallery here in Los Angeles. It was for a show entitled Obey Your Master and was going to be a group show with artists paying tribute to one of the greatest metal bands of all time, Metallica. The list of participating artists was a who’s who of the current art scene. You had everyone from Travis Louie to Shawn Barber and Sylvia Ji to Shepard Fairey all with pieces re-interpreting some Metallica songs into art. I was obviously very stoked to be able to attend this show, and it did not disappoint at all.

The Gallery/Space, Exhibit A Gallery, was next to the Tony Alva Skate shop here in Los Angeles on South Fairfax. The turnout of course was tremendous with a wait in line of about 20 minutes just to get inside. Once inside it was shoulder to shoulder with people the entire time. Which is why I guess i’m a little lucky that I got the pictures that I did of a majority of the artwork for this show.The gallery itself wasn’t really that small, it was more that the number of people in the building was past capacity. This being Los Angeles there was a handful of celebrities in attendance along with most of the artists in the house. Some of the members of Metallica were in attendance, such as Lars, James and Robert..No Kirk though.

The pieces that I absolutely loved were of course by Travis Louie, is art always makes my jaw drop. I also really liked Chad Michael Wards submission, it was very gritty and for some reason made me wanna go listen to Ministry — I know wrong band but sorry thats what i got when i looked at it. Of course Shawn Barbers piece was amazing as always, does this man ever make stuff that isn’t amazing? The Slyvia Ji painting was also quite amazing and she is coming fresh off her show at Corey Helford Gallery. All in All it was a pretty spectacular show and i was very thankful that i replied back to the email i received getting my special invite. The show opens to the public on Monday January 23rd. I would recommend taking yourself down to exhibit a gallery and checking it out before its over.

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