Crazy4Cult show, pics and prints

Pics from the Crazy4Cult show that is going on at the Gallery 1988 in LA are now up. You can head over and see all the work that was at the show. Alot of it is still available to buy. Available work and pics

There are some really amazing pieces at the show, it’s great to see how these artists use the inspiration from these cult movies and icons. Some of my favorites are: Greg Simkins “Ed’s Losing”, Scott Campbell’s “The Great Showdowns” pieces are great, Brendan Danielsson’s “Barbarella”, Blinky’s “Shaun of the Dead”, Both Lesley Reppeteaux pieces, Shepard Fairey’s “Obey Lives” (this movie rules), Stella Im Hultberg’s “The Big Tourist”, Mark Bodnar “The Santa Slide”, Ekundayo “Officer Managain”. Well, that’s a big enough list. there are so many amazing pieces there.

A print by Christopher Lee is also available right now for $15. It a poster for the show basically, with a bunch of icons thrown in.
You can get it here: Crazy4Cult Print

Also, if you head over to the Crazy4Cult Homepage they will be releasing prints from various works that were in the show. As I write this the piece from Greg Simkins is ready to be bought.

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