Stolen Painting, from JoyEngine Gallery

This painting was on display at the JoyEngine gallery in Boulder, Co. It was stolen on the weekend of the 15th/16th of September.
The painting was kindly displayed at the gallery by artist Shannon Bonatakis, it wasn’t even for sale, it was being shared with the public. The gallery isn’t interested in why it was taken, they just want it back, there is even a reward. It can also be left anonymously, by the front door.

I can’t understand how someone could love a work that someone made so much, as to steal it. If you love the work, doesn’t that mean you respect the artist? So you show them this by stealing their work? I mean there are alot of paintings I would love to own, and like many I can’t afford them, so what do I do to show my respect and appreciation to these artists?

I start the Creep Machine. Show someone you love their work, show everyone the work you love. Just don’t steal it.

JoyEngine Gallery
Shannon Bonatakis Homepage

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