“Blood Will Tell” animated short

alienNoText.jpgI haven’t reviewed anything for a while, so it’s great to be able to get back at it with this killer animated movie.

“Blood Will Tell” is an animated short made by Andrew McPhillips, a British born CG Artist. He has done work on AI : Artificial Intelligence, Minority Report, Shrek II & Mighty Joe Young. This 3d animated short comes in at around 6 minutes. And for those who have seen Aphex Twin’s Chris Cunningham directed short “Rubber Johnny”, you know 6 minutes is plenty.

Andrew has a background in film & photography, it shows with the great shots this short has. The overall effect on the film looks like your watching a Victorian “tin-type” photographic process in motion. It looks amazing. He succeeds fully in making this not look like the 3d animation we are accustomed to. There are some shots that I couldn’t really tell if it was real or 3d. Add all of this with a soundtrack made by Iceland’s Sigur Ros, and you will helpless against keeping this flick out of your mind.

mosquito.jpgI think the only thing I wish was different, was the length. Like I state above 6 minutes is plenty, but your seeing such a clean, unique animation and that music is weaving it’s way into your head it’s hard not to want more. Currently Laika Inc. the Oregon based animation studio that Andrew works for, is working on an stop motion movie of “Coraline”, so we will get to see more of Andrew McPhillips work. Who knows, he might even make “Blood Will Tell” a full blown feature. Especially after all the great press it has been receiving. It recently won the “Grand Jury” award at the Slamdance Film Festival.

To learn more about “Blood Will Tell” head on over to TwitchFilm

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