Rhino Barking Sparrow


Eugene W. Guynn was born and raised in Fort Worth, Texas, and from a very young age was immersed in the world of art. With a painter for a mother and a musician for a father, his world was always one of creativity and expression. He began painting in college courses in high school, winning various awards and commendations, and in fall of 2004, began his BFA at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, California. Eugene takes inspiration from the thriving urban, outsider, and lowbrow art culture of SF, LA, and NYC, and combines it with a fine art sophistication.


Through my art, I weave delicate and curious stories that pique the imagination and entice the viewer. I seek both a playful curiosity and a sense of dark elegance that is disturbing and enchanting all at once. Dripping with sensuality and anonymity, my works whisper secrets of stories both lost and never written.

For more of Eugene’s amazing work, check out his homepage here:
Rhino Barking Sparrow

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