Virtu Preview Page

Ok, here are some artists that haven’t had many shows. Some of them have never even been in a gallery show, as they are very new to the art scene. There are artists from the US, Germany, France, Asia, Australia and more. I posted an example of their work, a short description and the place you can contact each of them. Hope you find some good ones. Click the thumbnails for the bigger images.

Stefan Thompson – Homepage

He is a Canadian artist, with a pretty unique style. He also does sculptures as well.

Sarah Ferrick – Homepage

Her style is very Asian influenced. I don’t think she has had any shows yet.

Dean McDowell – Homepage

Dean is a painter out of Ireland. He is an amazing painter, his work sold out in my show before the show started.

Minjae Lee – E-mail

Is an artist out of Korea. His style is very energetic and colorful

Ralph Niese – Homepage

Ralph is an artist out of Germany. He has a very fun, energetic and colorful style. As far as

Yan Wei (kokomoo) – Homepage

Yan Wei is an artist out of Beijing, China. You might have seen her work, but it definitely needs more exposure.

Winston Chmielinski – Homepage

Winston is out of New York. I featured him on the site here, he has been in Juxtapoz but I don’t think he has done many big shows yet.

Asahi Nobroru – Homepage

Asahi is an comic artist out of Japan. I think she has a really great style.

Matthew Bailey – Homepage

Matthew is out of Alaska. He has had very few shows as far as I know.

Michael Walton – Homepage

Michael is in California. I really love his style, it is so amazing what he does with watercolors.

Naomi Nowak – Homepage

Naomi is a painter in Sweden.

Claudio Romo – E-mail

This artist is out of Chile. I really love his style.

Gaetan Henrioux – Homepage

This artist is in France, and has many shows there. But none is the US.

Jacqueline Gallagher – Homepage

She is out of Hawaii. Her paintings are simply amazing.

Sonny Liew – Homepage

He has shown once in LA, but I don’t think he has been seen too much at galleries.

Alex Kuno – Homepage

Alex has been in very few shows, and all them small shows. He has an amazing style, one I think people will enjoy.

Jae Liu – E-mail

He does mostly digital art, but it is amazing work.

Molly Brill – Homepage

Great style, kind of like David Mack meets Marion Bolognesi. Molly hasn’t even started college yet!

Emmanuel Malin – Homepage

An illustrator out of Paris, Emmanuel has a very killer style.

Sarah Bereza – Homepage

Sarah has had a few shows in S.F. and overseas I believe.

Edith Lebeau – Homepage

She is a Canadian artist, and hasn’t had any shows yet.

Lisa Falzon – Homepage

Lisa is in Ireland. She works in digital and paints, I think her acrylic work shown here is very cool.

Ego – Homepage

Ego is a tattoo artist in Seattle, but his fine art he also does is very unique and catchy.

Christina Beller – Homepage

Christina is a digital artist in Chicago.