Charles Wish

Charles Wish is a California artist best known for visually fusing American Regionalist styles with 16th – 19th century South Asian, Tantra and Buddhist motifs.

Seasonably confronting the challenges of cultural contrariety, Charles Wish (born Frederick Charles Peters, Los Angeles California 1971, BFA University of Arizona, 1993) draws from a diverse range of influences to deliver his style of “surregional” paintings. Sighting local giants like Grant Wood and Thomas Hart Benton, as well as the many anonymous artisans of a foreign, primal world, he combines the esoteric ontology of a nonage civilization with some of provincial-America’s most selfsame symbols and scenes.
After spending four years (1999-2003) in a Hindu monastery, Wish would return to the San Fernando Valley, California not far from where he spent his formative years. It is here, along with his wife Abbigail, where he continues to reside and paint today.

“The future of culture will be written by the individual for the individual, boundless marriages of foreign and local motifs, a balancing act of one’s inborn traditions and the procured traditions of chosen, outsider trends… If Heidegger (a leading exponent of 20th century existentialism, but also a staunch critic of technological society) could have only lived to fully experience the irony, what a smile he would have had.”
— Charles Wish

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