Erid Haddad

July’s featured artist is one that have watched for a long time. His drawing style and his digital work are very cool. When you look at his drawings, they just seem special, something that should be taken care of. Here is his intro:

“i live on a tiny mattress in a room with my computer on a desk made up of milk crates in a beautiful city with trees and trains and snow. i’m currently freelancing illustration from the boston area. i spend a lot of time riding trains, wandering streets and sketching. i carry at least one sketchbook, a camera, pens/pencils and chapstick, among other things, wherever i go. whenever i’m at home i have an extensive range of music playing while i work or draw or consume any assortment of fizzy beverage. i like to experiment with techniques and medium, but ultimately i’ve been relying on my pocket positioned ball point pen and a travel watercolor set a great artist and friend of mine from phoenix introduced me to about a year and a half ago. some of my influences include secretly beautiful things, two-dimensional nature, outdated ideas on space travel and an unhealthy addiction to obscure and fantastic music.

i feel like good art is the product of patience. it takes patience to complete a piece just as much as it takes patience and understanding to refine your skill and better yourself as an artist. it’s not all patience, but for me, i know that’s a big part of it. i spend a lot of disappearing hours and days losing myself in ink and colors and paper. it’s like any growing thing. feed it, keep it healthy, and wait for it to bloom.”

you can reach him through his website at

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