Matt Robinson grew up on the south coast of the UK wanting to be a tiger when he was older. When he finally accepted that this wasn’t going to happen, he instead spent much of his childhood with close friends rearranging diversion signs on roadworks to lead cars in circles, moving people’s garden ornaments and photographing men (and occasionally women) with beards. Although great fun at the time, Matt soon realised that if you continue these types of activities into your teenage years, people begin to give you funny looks, so he decided to channel his creativity in more socially acceptable ways. This meant studying illustration and graphic design and Matt is currently working on personal projects and trying to get his work shown in more exhibitions. One of his upcoming projects involves a respectable family of zombies who (through no fault of their own) constantly get attacked by the local public, even at the supermarket whilst grocery shopping. Matt gets inspired by awkward conversations, funny little everyday situations that often go unnoticed, and imaginative facial hair.

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