Matthew Bailey

Hello, I am a 33 year old artist currently living in a tiny little village in the bush of North-Western Alaska. I studied Commercial Art & Design at Vincennes University (Indiana), but have since found that I have much more passion and aptitude for the fine art side of things.

As of yet, the only real unifying thread running through my work seems to be continual exploration and experimentation, with work ranging from socio-political statements to adventures in absurdity. I often rely as much on my instinctive inclinations and the facilitating of spontaneous creativity as I do on the urge to take the helm and impose my will upon the process. I’m forever seeking that place where the magic seems to happen – that place where taking control of what’s going on is counterbalanced with the ability to become a willing vessel… where my job is to listen and let go. Sometimes the magic finds me, sometimes not, but either way I always enjoy the journey.

For the rest of Matthew work, check out his homepage. He also has prints and originals for sale.
Matthew Bailey Homepage
Matthew Bailey Originals

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