Magnus Blomster

For the first featured artist we have Magnus Blomster, or as he is known on DeviantArt: Sagenlicht.
He is 31 years old from Stockholm, Sweden. He says he’s been drawing all his life, and does illustration work by night, and is a wage-slave by day. He does all of his work in illustrator, says its because “I’m too lazy to do it all by hand so I use computers instead”, I think its because he’s obviously quite skilled at illustrator and has a great style.

I really like how tight his work is, I’m really surprised that bands aren’t getting a hold of him to have covers, prints and concert posters made. It’s only a matter of time, he really does great work and I can picture seeing these soon at concerts and shirts, fine art prints or whatever direction he wants to go.

Make sure you go to his Deviantart profile, he has prints available there.

DeviantArt Profile

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