J. Fuchs

J. Fuchs was raised by a herd of buffalo on the majestic, untamed, excruciatingly boring plains of North Dakota. She spent most of her childhood appreciating all sorts of art, while simultaneously avoiding actually creating any. She had great success with this plan of inaction all the way through college, where she spent most of her time trying and failing to draw pretty Disneyesque people. After accepting that animating princesses and talking mice was not going to work out, she found herself learning to paint, and before she realized, she was living in California, designing handbags and painting Zombie Boobbears, Hentai Tentacle Death Bunnies, and lots of other naked people. And, as this has been fulfilling her dream of having stuff to hang up in the hallway pretty well so far, she figures she’ll stick with it and see where she ends up. (Hopefully somewhere with tea and paintbrushes.)

Check out the rest of her work here: J.Fuchs Profile

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