I know most people say “I hate talking about myself”, but I really, really do hate it. One might say I even loath it. I hit backspace about 169 times before I even made it to this point… So, here goes…

I was born and raised in Somerville, MA, which is a city that borders Boston and Cambridge. I am 27 years old and I have a wonderful wife who has helped to guide me through the stormiest years of my life. I am father to two awe-inspiring sons, Caleb and Mason, who have been my primary focus for the past 6 and a half years. We still live in Somerville, and the experience of having my own family to watch grow and bloom is something that I really can’t convey through words.

I’ve always been into drawing, sketching, fingerpainting; Whatever I could do to get ideas out of my head and on to something tangible before they stagnated. Maurice Sendak’s “Where the Wild Things Are” is probably my first real memory of artistic influence. The feeling of creating one’s own Universe through simple story-telling and artwork has always been the main driving point for my work. As I grew, I got into a lot of animation and comic books, and tried to mimic that same feeling as much as I could. It became addictive and almost obsessive, to the point where I would spend the entire day in school drawing all over my desk and in my books. I’ve never been able to quench that need to constantly create, and to be honest, I hope I never do. It’s been the basis of my persona as far back as memory permits. So with that said, I am hoping to display my creative side through this site; so this will almost be like a record of my ideas and the things I do to materialize them.

Hope you dig it, whoever you are.

– Joe

For more of Joe Dion’s check out his homepage, you can also request prints of any one of his illustrations. Copperthistle Homepage

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