Jesse Riggle

“When people ask me what I do, I lovingly respond, “I paint lumpy people.” The pretty much sums it up… But here, let me try to expand on it. Actually that’s not working. I attempted to write a great deal about my distaste for straight lines and a propensity to doodle prolifically, but alas, it was a lost cause… Instead, here is some technical info (if that’s your thing):

I paint mostly with acrylics, and by mostly, I mean entirely. Though, I like to think I still might do a watercolour again someday, but probably not. I’ve also been know to dabble in the digital arts, with a heavy emphasis on vector-based graphics. When I am feeling decadent (or possibly it is lazy) I’ll ‘fix’ things in Photoshop.

Oh yeah, and I live and work in Brooklyn now (not a native, but who is?)”

Head on over to Jesse’s homepage and check out his blog as well. & Jesse Riggle Projects

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