Marilyn Myller Short Film by Mikey Please

Mikey Please is an animator working out of London, UK. He has created some amazing stop-motion animations for such clients as Zombigotchi, Brooklyn rock band TV on the Radio, DragonFrame Stop Motion Animation Software, and more. His 2011 thesis “The Eagleman Stag” won him a BAFTA Award, and he recently started Parabella Studios with award-winning animation director Dan Ojari.

His latest short film is entitled “Marilyn Myller” that I am happy to share. The blurb on the website reads: “MARILYN IS TRYING REALLY HARD TO MAKE SOMETHING THAT IS GOOD. FOR ONCE HER EXPECTATIONS AND REALITY ARE GOING TO ALIGN, PERFECTLY. NO, IT WILL BE EVEN BETTER THAN SHE IMAGINED. IT WILL BE EPIC. IT WILL BE TEAR JERKINGLY PROFOUND. IT WILL BE PERFECTER THAN PERFECT. NOTHING CAN GO WRONG.” At first read the viewer might guess that this short will have a great deal to with art, or the creation of art, and not just in the fact that Mikey Please is using creative lighting techniques and foam to make this short. Marilyn is the artist, and by the end of this short I felt quite a few moments that resonated with what it is like to be an artist, how it feels. The end was not as I expected, but again was a situation that many artists have talked about and have maybe dealt with.

if you check out the short on the Parabella Studios website, you can see some links to some reviews, one of which is by The Creators Project and even has some video showing how some of the effects were made.

I admit that I watched this short about 5 times. It’s not only impressive in how fluid the animation is, the fact that Mikey Please used foam, but the music and energy in this short is well worth watching many times. Excited to see more by Mikey Please and Parabella Studios.

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