aotd: “Dreaming” by Molly Brill

Today’s piece is from Molly Brill aka Mocabri. She has a killer style, each piece is literally stuffed with texture. I love the look of watercolor that has been used in this way, I’m sure many of you have heard me say this a hundred times.

This specific piece was made using watercolor, watercolor pencils, acrylics and charcoal. The colors are pleasing and I love the contrast of the well rendered face, contrasted with that explosion of color and texture that surrounds it. Molly has been doing this for a bit, but is still really just getting started. I know a good amount of artists, including myself that would have loved to have such a hold on their style at such a young age. I’m really excited to see how she grows in the coming years. Expect to see amazing work from her.

She now has a carbonmade profile so you can see all of her current work, and keep up with new work. Check it out here
Molly Brill Homepage

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