aotd: “Pete Doherty”

I’m no big fan of Pete Doherty, but this piece is way to cool not to post. It captures his likeness very well, and adds some striking elements to the mix. This is a companion piece to this Kate Moss one here, although I like the Doherty one a little better, maybe its just the contrast of the image really.

The wavy neck, and distorted face set upon those huge shoulders look great. And I love that red nose, it really helps to make that face pop, with the sunken eyes and suture across the forehead that nose was needed.

It was really hard picking a piece from this artist to show, she (E. Hollinger) has such a great style. I ended up with this piece, mainly for the great caricature. Please make sure that you look at the rest of her gallery.

E. Hollinger Profile

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