aotd: “Plump Oyster 3”

This specific piece is a the cover for Benjamin Cee’s comic “Plump Oyster” issue #3. I’m going to be buying up alot of underground comics and what not, and while searching for some I really got hooked on this cover.

Benjamin has a great style, very colorful and each piece is mad eye candy. Alot going on in these pieces, it’s pretty cool that he is able to fit so much into each piece, but they are still balanced well. He does comic strips, comics, paintings on canvas and so on. Benjamin is is one artists from a pretty hefty list of great artists from Australia.

Check out his profile and homepage, also if you can try to score some of his comics. He has a few new ones out as I’m told.
Plump Oyster homepage
Benjamin Cee profile

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